Monday 6 November 2017


Heart £3, rope basket £8, copper shelf £6, faux plants from £2.50, glass votive candle £2

I love Primark for clothes and can't go there without having a quick root through their home department.

The first time I came across Primark was in the late 90s in Doncaster.
Shopping with a friend, she pointed out this cheap shop that if you rifled through the tat, you could find some clothing gems.
I was doubtful as it didn't look anything like it looks today,
think more BonMarche in a precinct.
But God she was right after strolling past rows of slacks, I spied the best T-shirt ever.
At a time when t-shirts were to be worn slightly shrunken and with hipsters, but shops hadn't caught up, (adults wearing 9 year olds t-shirts was the norm).
This t-shirt was actually small in a good way.
I wore it for the rest of the summer and it didn't fade or fall to pieces.

Now Primark is huge and like a safety blanket.
Going on holiday/to a party/interview and have nothing to wear.
If you can get to a Primark you will find something.

And their homewares
no where near as extensive as their clothes,
but guaranteed to have something, costing peanuts to cheer the soul.

I never want my home to look like I have ram raided one store, or copied one style,
I always like an eclectic mix of things.

Here's a few treasures I found that I don't think scream FROM PRIMARK.
Teal velvet cushion £5
For cheap cushions, Primark inner pads stay remarkably bouffy.
Metallic cushion £3
I like the look of one metallic cushion mixed in with a pile of different cushions.
I have a silver one on my sofa, mixed in with wolf fur and grey wool cushions.
Remember when over door hooks were big white plastic things only found in the most depressing of accommodation?
Most people would rather sling there clothes on the floor than have them in the house and rightly so.
But look at these, gorgeous and three for £2.

I love these for kids rooms and are only £4. I picked these up for a friends daughter.

There they are, draped over a step ladder.

Here's what I bought for my house.

I was quite restrained as I was already manhandling (dragging along the floor) a giant net bag of clothes.

Green scented candle, smells gorgeous £2 and looks like it should have cost more.

I love the colour of this little rose gold dish and it was only £2!

The shaggy throw has been transformed into a bargain £15 rug by being carpet taped to the floor.
I'll just keep my feet on it when it needs vaccing.
Rose gold dish behind, hopefully looking fab and not like a bedside ashtray.

I wish Primark had been around when I was a teenager when I cared about fashion, but could neither find it, nor afford it and frequently got it wrong with the slim pickings on offer.
If I was 17 now, I would be writing this wearing a body stocking and a Primark floor length net dress, surrounded by Primark's pink/grey shiny things and plastic flamingos.

My interiors feather obsession seems to have got worse

it's now spread to jewellery!

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