Sunday 12 November 2017


Jo Wood (organic guru and ex-wife of Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood) describes her style as a cross between Marilyn Monroe and Mary Antoinette and I love it.

I am aware she is classed as (the cringey saying) 'rock royalty' and has a budget to match, so is hardly ratching through Aldi's Thursday specials to furnish her house.
But it's not the pots of money that makes her style.
I love the slightly, battered, un-fussiness.
The eclectic mix that doesn't scream VINTAGE or SHOPS AT, and it doesn't follow trends.

Ornate gold tables, matt black paint, modern art etc all thrown in together.

I see lots of interiors that I think are beyond cool but often look like they would be a pig to live in.
  A coat drying on the radiator or a stray pack of cheap custard creams and the whole illusion would be in ruins.
But this looks like you could kick back and relax, like it can take a bit of mess and chaos and would still look amazing.

She leaves a lot of her walls as bare plaster. I love how this looks here, but I think very, very few houses could pull this look off.

Love a fringed lampshade and oh look, she has a shaggy rug by her bed like me, though mine is a Primark £15 throw, carpet taped to the floor.

Lovely dressing room that's a long way from a Sharps built in wardrobe.
Looks like she has the knack of looking like you dressed yourself from the dressing up box to.
An art form I am envious of and don't even attempt to re-create as the result would be more total mad women, than bohemian glamour.

Vintage pink tiles with white suites seem to be cropping up everywhere at the moment.
This photo is a few years old though so she's following no trend here, more leading the way.
I also really love the giant perfume bottles that are dotted all around her house.
I'm keeping my eyes peeled in every junk shop for these, I guess they are from the 80's, a decade when blatant showing off was all the rage.

Just look at that, the most random collection of things, including a weird lamp and a rubber ET, but all together, so gorgeous!

More interiors to envy - Pearl Lowe


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