Wednesday 22 November 2017


I love what I grandly call my walk in wardrobe.
It's not what Carrie from Sex In The City would call a walk in closet, which in Britain would be classed as 'a room'.
But it's a stolen space under the top flight of stairs and then above the lower stairs
Like two under stair cupboards knocked through.
It's a big storage space . 

But it needed a big sort out.

This may look a bit chaotic but it in no way captures the true chaos.

There is one top rail and I'd shoved a clothing rail in below it so all clothes on that were almost completely covered by the top rail clothes.

How have my extremely rarely used running shoes worked themselves to the front? 

and this handy, nearly unseen part, is an ideal dumping ground for junk.

It was driving me mad!

There it is cleared out, it was a mammoth task!

Dear God, and there are more clothes on the floor behind the bed.
Most things are frankly awful though, kept for 'just in case I need it'.  Why?  What occasion will call for me to wear a free promotional t-shirt teamed with a pair weirdly cut jeans I hate the sight of?
(If you like the headboard in this photo though, you can see how I did it here.)

I had a big, very much needed, edit of the clothes.
And I deluded myself that the edited clothes on their temporary rail in the hall, looked like something from the Frugalities fashion blog,  So I had to take a photo.
(though her flooring would possibly never be cheap, orange hued, laminate)
(and I doubt she'd have a £13 faux leather jacket from TK Maxx leading the charge).

I wallpapered the back wall with a Chesterfield wallpaper I found for £2.49 a roll in B&M Bargains.

Similar to Mineheart's lovely but slightly pricier version below which they describe as...
Creates a seriously luxurious feeling and is strangely reminiscent of gentleman's clubs, boudoirs and mental institutions!
My style in a nutshell.

Here's the finished result.

I raised up the top rail,
and added a lower rail which is actually an Ikea extendable shower curtain rail £4, it had suction cup ends but I screwed them into the wall to make them stronger.

Two Primark pop up laundry bins to put summer clothes and spare hangers in £4 each.

I stuck some Ikea self stick hooks 95p for 3, onto the wall for bags.

Added and painted an extra B and Q shelf £6.
Not being a natural with a drill, I am very proud of this, it took an hour and a half for me to fix this to the wall, which is shameful but it's straight and not wobbling so a small miracle.

Stuck these old wire and bead Christmas decorations around the outside.
Added a scented Homesense candle, £1.20 from their clearance section.

Chaos calmed and I love it.
Total cost £25.59

Since I did this I have found an easy hack to turn standard coat hangers into trouser hangers so it's easier to see your jeans and skirts.
It's the small things that make life better.


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