Friday, 27 May 2022


Storage solution.
Jeans need to be seen!
They need to be in clear sight, to spot at a glance,
the high waister, the cropped, skinny, un hemmed ankle grazer, boot cut...

Hanging trousers over standard hangers drives me mad, I have to pull out about five different pairs of black jeans until I find the pair I am looking for (I know first world problems).  And Mari Kondo's idea of rolling them into a small ball and stuffing (mindfully placing) them in a drawer, unless you are living in a campervan or out of a rucksack, is insane!

I have about a billion standard wooden hangers and this is the easy and as you'd expect, cheap way I found to turn them into trouser hangers.

Metal clothes pegs and cable ties.

Just loop the cable tie through the top of  the peg and around the bottom of the hanger and cut off the excess with scissors.

They work really well and hold even the heaviest of jeans.

Not the wardrobe of George Michael, I just seemed to have styled it that way for the photo!

I used cable ties I already had in from repairing a trampoline but you can pick up a pack of 100 white ones (probably less visible than black) for £1 at Poundland.
I used metal pegs I had in from Primark, not sure if they are still selling them, but I bought some more from Cut The Wrap! just £3.95 for a bag of 20.

I have a deep love for every day items that are really well designed and also beautiful, and metal clothes pegs are all of that.
I realise I have hit peek interiors geekness with that comment.

Next storage solution I'm looking for,
baskets that fit on standard 20cm wide shelves and aren't for a baguette!
That's what the google search brings up, who is buying those?


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