Friday 8 July 2022


Briiv air purifier

Briiv the most beautiful air purifier!
Air purifiers seem to be having a bit of a moment, they are cropping up everywhere.  Every shop seems to be stocking at least one... and I was completely taking no notice of them (despite where I live, as you will see later), as every one of them was hideous.
I'd be as likely to park one of those in my living room as I would install vertical blinds!

Until this one.
This one is totally different, it looks like a small forest under a glass dome... Now I'm interested.

Briiv in a forrest

It's not only beautiful, it's as eco friendly as it's possible to be, completely playing into my Goop lifestyle fantasy, but also what I  particularly liked, it being this blog, it costs a mere £2 A YEAR to run!
Even if by the time this post is published, the cost of electricity has doubled or even tripled, that is still astonishingly low.
It's proper eco green too, not just green washed.
The air is filtered through reindeer moss, coconut, carbon and silk all of which will naturally biodegrade when finished with as opposed to HEPA filters which are going to sit in landfill for centuries. The plastic is made from elephant grass and the glass is the easily recycled type, and for the 4% which wont easily melt back into the earth, trees are planted to off set this.
The all natural replacement filter pack costs around £35 and is good for one year.

Briiv eco product parts

So mine arrived, nice packaging!

Briiv packaging

and, ooh

Air purifier eco packaging

Not emitting a radiant light, I managed to overexpose this picture!
Every part of it is beautifully and sustainably packaged.
I love attention to detail.

Air purifier in modern living room
Purifying the air and looking good in the living room.

It's really simple to operate to.
You just wave your hand in front of it and the easy control lights come on to press.
Or you can download an app and control it from your phone.

Does it work?
Apart from it totally playing into my Goop fantasy,
I need to know if it actually works.
I live one metre from a main road, so close, the highways agency actually has a pollution sensor attached to next doors house, it always reads high but acceptable.
It's my front door, one metre of pavement, metal fence, busy road.
The back though is the total opposite, greenery, parks and just 100 metres away, the Lake District National Park border, recently named a world heritage site.
So windows can only be opened at the back of the house, but I still worry exhaust fumes may be leeching in the front.
How was I going to test if the Briiv worked?
I was wracking my brain and then I watched this video

Briiv  smoke test

Yep, that definitely works, and fast!
There's more videos and much more information on the Briiv website,
but I'm a convert.  I love it, and I'm convinced it's removing the exhaust fumes I was worrying about and all for less than £40 a year for filters and energy!
To buy it, it's not the cheapest on the market, currently selling for £300 but it's expensive for a reason as it's head and shoulders above the others.

I was kindly gifted mine but I wasn't obliged to sing it's praises, if I didn't like it or think it worked, it definitely wouldn't be featuring on this blog.

Also watch out for it appearing in the background of a fab Awake Mind & Body yoga video (will link here very soon) 

Forrest nature green



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