Tuesday 2 May 2023


 Defrost frozen food in the fridge.
Money saving fridge tip
Photo by Latrach Med Jamil on Unsplash

It cools the fridge down so the fridge uses less energy.
It is beyond me why I never thought of this before.

How to use less power to cook rice and pasta.

boiling pan
Get that pan lid on! Photo by Gaelle Marcel on Unsplash
Add boiling water to your rice or pasta,
put the pan lid on and heat until it starts to boil then turn the hob off.
Wrap the pan up in something to keep it warm,
such as three thick tea towels,
(use your judgement, you don't want anything catching fire from touching the bottom of a red hot pan).
Leave it like this for the remainder of the usual cooking time and then it should be perfectly cooked.
Note ~ I have found I need to use about 25%  less water with rice this way.
This works so well, I am going to make some kind of pot cover to just shove over the pan.
I found this tip on Gareth & Zoe wild camps  they use this at home but I think this would be great for camping too.

Update - I have just used this method with new potatoes and it worked perfectly, I am never leaving the gas on to boil anything again.

Run your washing machine at a lower temperature.

washing machine in laundry room
Photo by PlanetCare on Unsplash
I'm aware that's a no brainer but apparently it costs the same to
run three washes at 30 degrees as two washes at 40 degrees.
That's a way bigger energy save than I thought, it's like every third wash is free!

Small things,
but as they take zero effort
whatever energy they save,
is energy you don't have to pay for and gentler on the environment
so small wins.


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