Friday 13 May 2022


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I'll give you this first in case you are already a fan of Photowall and are just here to grab the code offer
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 If you have been reading this blog for a while (thank you)...
you will have seen most of my 'art' is whatever I have been able to bodge together, and wallpaper is usually something ferreted from B&M in the hope it's a 'dupe'.

So when Photowall asked me to do a collab and would give me a voucher to spend on their site  I was over joyed!
Prints, frames, canvases, really cool wallpaper and murals!
I really fancied a wall mural for my sons room but decided on some framed prints to go all around the house instead.
And I love them, they arrived really quickly too.

This is what I got!
I'll show you Photowalls proper pics first so you can see them as they look, not how I badly photograph them.

Prada Marfa
I love this.
If you haven't seen it before, there is an art installation outside of Marfa in America, it's a fake Prada shop, it's been on the Simpsons and every celebrity seems to have been photographed in front of it.
On the TV show Gossip Girl (I've never seen it), the props people created this design on a light box showing how many miles from New York to the installation.
Lot's of people loved it and it has been copied so many times.

I chose this to go in my hall as you walk out of the bathroom to replace the...
just did what I could to make it less bleak when I moved in, home printed on A4 Banksy.

Much better, sons pull up bars left in for realism, (forgot to move them).

Hello Pink
This one is actually my favourite and it's the one I was most unsure about.
I wanted to add some colour to my black kitchen, replacing this black and white canvas below.

I chose it with a white border and a black frame.

Love, love, love it!

The next one I love but I made a mistake and learnt a design lesson.

I love the look of this old American road sign pointing to a dance venue (I'd hazard a guess the venue has a floor to ceiling pole).  I thought I would put it pointing into my office/work room where there is zero likelihood of a pole.
I found if you are going to get a slightly jokey print, get a small one, not the biggest one you can lay your hands on.  It just looked very wrong on a large scale pointing into my office.
The classic black frame I ordered with it is spot on though, and I reframed a 'piece' of my own 'art' with it.

Is that an actual Jo Malone candle beneath it?
Yes it is!  Well the pot is, the dead candle has been removed and replaced with a £1.50 one from Asda.

Fooling no one : )

The next one, Oliver chose for his room.
And I thank God they don't stock any of those rank super car posters.

 I say he chose it, what he actually did was spend ten minutes choosing loads he liked and when I asked him the next day to choose the one he wanted, I correctly assumed he would be too lazy to look again and was told "Any of them", good!
Because I liked the street graffiti one best out of his selection and I added a poster hanger.
I'd never used a poster hanger before and these ones are so good.
Magnetized so you just put the poster between the wooden slats and it sits firmly in place.
Also when I ordered the poster with the poster hanger, the poster arrived thicker and slightly rubbery so it hung better.

Here it is hung in it's not final position.

It's to go on the wall above his bed but it's waiting to have textured wallpaper put up there first.

When you order from Photowall, it's really easy,
you can choose by design and format, poster, canvas, wallpaper etc.
The add to the cart button will stay black if it's not possible to print to the sizes you are choosing,
it changes to green for printable sizes.

Hope you find something really nice and at a great price with the discount code.
But I'd say, even if you are looking for just art work,
take a look at their wallpaper and murals, they are amazing!

#PhotowallSweden are an absolute dream to work with, that wining combination of completely laid back but 100% efficient.  If you are a blogger etc and get the chance to work with them, don't hesitate!

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