Friday 15 April 2022


 Love a brass table.
They fit into any style, from ultra modern, to lux or boho. So adaptable, they look right almost anywhere.

If you recognise where this brass table is situated, you have stayed in some very nice places!
(I was just passing through working).
For most items I would usually try and hunt down a vintage or second hand one,
but with brass tables, I'd say don't bother.
The vintage ones I have come across are always either ultra shiny or just a  bit weird and not in a good way.

A few years ago, I really wanted a brass, low, garden table Sainsburys were selling, it had a brass tray top and black metal legs.
I thought I'd get a vintage, traditional middle eastern brass tray table instead, as these type of things usually out last new cheap furniture.
Found one on eBay not too pricey and when it arrived, the brass tray had a massive Nefertiti head embossed on it.
Absolutely hideous! And straight back on to re-sell.
It's probably still circulating on eBay to this day, being cunningly photographed to screen out the tat for tourist Nefertiti design.

These are the new! Decently priced brass tables I have found.

First mine (and my favourite) from BGA Stores

Isn't it a beauty, £60 and currently on offer for £53, here for that link.
This is the style I keep seeing cropping up in very designery places, Michelle Ogundehins office for one, spied on Interior Design Masters.
This one's really good quality with a muted brass finish and a brass coloured mirror top.
Love it, they also have a larger, lower coffee table sized one for £106.

A better picture as it's BGA Stores professional one.
A fab price for a large 70cm coffee table!

This next is from Maisons Du Monde just £44.

A small one but a goodie.

At £85 for a side table, this is possibly heading into the slightly pricier range but I think these brass tables will be around for a while and if they dip out of fashion, it wont be long until they swing back in.
Also just look at that Oliver Bonas easy styling, it's just tin foil! Watch out for me 100% stealing that idea soon for product photography.

I didn't expect to find a brass table from Abigail Ahern for under £100,
but look at this beauty, £90.

You can turn the top up or down so it can hold things like plants or display things.
I suspect this might sell out fast!

Brass drum tables!
Love, love, love them, however often a bit pricey or if they descend to the under £300 mark can be a bit blingy and glossy. But not this one.

Look at that! Beautiful!
This one is sold in a few stores, but the lowest price I can find it for is from Olivia's for £202
I've never heard of or used this company but they have it at the lowest price.
At £202, it's not the cheapest coffee table in the world but it looks like a way more expensive piece of furniture.
Also check for discount codes for Olivia's, they often have them.

BGA stores kindly sent me a voucher to spend in their store and look what I got!

As well as the gorgeous table, that I had been coveting for a while.
I got... ever practical, a mattress protector, I needed one and this is a quality boofy one.
An art print that will be appearing soon in a 'refresh'.  BGA Stores sell loads of art prints and frames in all different sizes, in fact it's one of their main things.
Had a photograph printed of the near by beach in mid winter with my dog in the distance, so happy to be running on the beach he's actually airborne.
That will be appearing in yet another 'refresh'.
I will definitely be using them again for printing, the quality is brilliant (more than can be said for a lot of printing companies) and they can print in loads of different sizes and good prices to.
To do this it's in their section enlargements
They can also print your art prints.

The outside house painting is still a next on the agenda item, it desperately needs doing, just waiting... and waiting for the highways department to get back to me about blocking a pavement for a day.
Fingers crossed it will be a yes you can, and the permit you need, oh no worries that's free : )


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