Friday 1 April 2022


On my extensive house want list is,
solid wood sash windows!
I've already had the top floor window replaced back to the original Victorian four pane design as it was single glazed, with rotting wood and a crappy secondary glazed sliding aluminium screen behind it, nice!

What to do with the lower bog standard uPVC windows until I can replace them?
You can see from the pictures, the painting of the outside of the house is definitely a higher priority
and at the same time removing the ugly Sky dish
as I've found a very easy, cheap way to watch TV without an aerial or dish so thankfully that can now be removed.

The before.

Yes, I am slap bang on a busy main road at the front,
but the back is straight onto allotments, then a beautiful park and then the Lake District National Park,
so the house is a goodie, it just doesn't look that way from the pics.
Hell at the front, heaven at the back.
(Also the window cleaners were due, they aren't permanently that grimy).

I had one piece of left over cable trunking from fitting the TV to the wall,
and bought another 2m piece from Screwfix
(love that store).

Self stick mini trunking just £3.38 for a 2m piece.

Cut them to size, trying to angle the cuts so they fitted flush with the existing uPVC,
peeled off the backing and stuck them on.

Not the sash windows of dreams (yet) but definitely makes the windows look less mismatched.

Next job, contact the council to see if I can block the pavement with a scissor lift for a day and to find a painter brave enough to go up in it, fingers crossed.

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