Sunday 20 February 2022


I am always amazed when someone asks me this kind of thing...
If we send you this for free, will you review it?
Well yes if it fits in with the blog
but mostly 100% yes if it's something I really want : )

So first the selfie bag from the Cotton Bag Company!
As the worlds worst photographer and the last person on earth likely to take a selfie,
but with a greedy eye on the spoils, I alerted them to these downfalls but said I'd try and see if it aided my truly awful product photography...

And here it is,

Ooh very nice!

I absolutely love the design on this bag! (The main thing I had my eye on to be honest).
And it has a purse,
tripod selfie stick,
phone ring light,
and pop out light reflector
All for £28 with free p&p, that's a  pretty decent price!

Have a look at the quality,
not just your standard canvas tote.
Carabiner to attach the purse, two inner pocket and a full strong zip at the top.

Are there any sunny beach lands we can go to without hoopla at the moment?

The gizmos that come with it a pretty good too.
The little ring light that attaches to your phone is brilliant, totally makes a difference without the usual  hassle of dragging photography lights over.
And for a selfie, it makes a remarkable transformation, I'll spare you that though.
The tripod selfie stick has a detachable remote control so you can take selfies from a distance away,
I'll pass that on to another more in front of the camera blogger who will make good use of that.

Over all, I'm highly impressed with it,
especially the quality of the bag.
So thank you very much Cotton Bag Co.

Cotton Bag Co also stock a wide range of other Canvas bags
They also bespoke print bags too and looking at the quality, they would definitely be worth a look if you you are in the market for this.

I also came home to find a box on my doorstep a while ago,
no idea what it was, inside were these...

What! These are gorgeous!
Royal Doulton Coffee Studio cups.

Absolute beauts, slightly chunky and rustic
and the perfect coffee cup size and love the colours.

Royal Doulton Coffee Studio design, usually £45 for the 4 but sent to me as a gift for being a runner up in the Amara awards as they were my categories sponsor.
So thank you very, very much Royal Doulton,
I absolutely love them.

 Properly photographed and styled above,
and now raising the tone in my cupboard.

I'm also doing some work with an amazing company Photowall
who do huge wall murals and prints.
A blog post about that coming soon with a good discount code to use. 


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