Monday 3 July 2023


  Where to shop for low priced home basics?


I haven't shopped in Morrisons for ages, but recently me and a friend were trawling the junk and charity shops (thrift stores) in a nearby town and she asked if we could stop at the Morrisons supermarket as she had seen they had a silicone toilet brush and holder for £3.50, didn't they used to be £30 from Joseph Joseph? 
I know, calm your envy at the thrilling lives we lead.

They did have the toilet brush, but also lots of other really good home basics at the lowest prices.
It might be worth a look if you have a student going off to university soon.

toilet brush
Just a toilet brush, but a good looking toilet brush.

I avoid like the plague anything that screams supermarket interiors range, such as the Mrs Hinch selection, I love her, I even wrote a post about it, but I don't want to buy into that style. 

But for well designed basic items, Morrisons was great, and this is where I hit peak interiors geek territory, I love a basic, classic design of an everyday item that will stand the test of time, anything utilitarian, I am all over it.
I had been meaning to pick up some extra wine glasses, and Morrisons had them for just 75p each and the correct wine glass size, large but not so large you think you are having a glass of wine and you are actually having a pint of it, and they seem pretty robust.
I know in some places the fashion is for the very thin delicate glasses, but as I managed to smash not one but two £100 cut glass crystal tumblers (found for £1 each in a second hand shop) dropping pans on them in the washing up bowl, gutted, I need something stronger.

wine glasses

Here's some examples of their classic and sustainable every day items.
If there is one trend that's not going away it's the sustainable, none throw away trend.
In fact I hope this isn't just a trend, I hope it's here to stay.
Here you are peak interiors geek-ness, the design of spoons.

stainless steel measuring spoons

A set of measuring spoons not in plastic but stainless steel just £2 for the set, they are £15 for a stainless steel set in Lakeland. They will probably last forever.
stainless steel sieve

Stainless steel 20cm sieves just £4 that's £6 cheaper than in Lakeland.

recycled plastic washing up bowl

Nothing remarkable to look at with this washing up bowl, but it is 100% made of recycled plastics £4.

bamboo chopping board

The most sustainable of all materials, bamboo chopping board £3
Glass jug with lid

Glass fridge jug £4
Did you know if you put tap water in a jug and leave the lid off the chlorine in the water evaporates.
I always have an Ikea wide necked glass bottle with it's cork lid off in my fridge after hearing that, and it does taste better. 

You get the picture, design classic Picardie glasses, waiters friend bottle openers, basics at great prices.
I really should open a hardware store, my love for basics is so great.
No affiliated links, I just liked what they had.

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