Thursday 7 February 2019


The latest interiors obsession...
sorting out, de-cluttering and cleaning!

And leading the charge are Marie Kondo and Mrs Hinch

What is going on?

Marie Kondo
The main source of the Marie Kondo obsession, which causes people to spend weekends Marie Kondo-ing their homes and thanking and folding their pants (yep), is Netflix...
I watched three episodes back to back...

No, I'm none the wiser with this obsession.
She is lovely and gives good advice should you live in a tiny Japanese apartment or camper van.
But if you live in a house or apartment,
it doesn't really make any sense, dragging everything off the hangers in your massive wardrobe and folding them into a tiny ball and standing them upright in a box?

Look, learn and take heed!

When sorting through your possessions, you are advised to touch them and only keep them if they bring you joy.
If I followed this advice, I would own approximately one sequined skirt, a vintage dress, a notebook and my dog!
The Henry Hoover would have gone for a burton
(I want a cordless)

But one sorting tip I liked was...

Ask your self  when sorting and de-cluttering ~ Do you want to take this with you into your future?

That lovely mythical future where you will be fabulous!

And no!
I certainly wont want to be carting this raggedy old bag, I am keeping just in case, around when I am the future fabulous version of me!
Straight in the bin...
she advises you to thank it before hoofing it into the bin...

She is brilliant though.
She has made a massive business by just being herself and doing what she is uniquely good at.
It's just not my style and doesn't, unfortunately set me off on a cleaning and de-cluttering frenzy.

Mrs Hinch

I came across the #Hincharmy before I came across Mrs Hinch.
People stock piling Zoflora,
Hinching/cleaning their houses and showing photos of their cleaned sinks!!!

What the hell???

I had a look at where this obsession stems from,
Mrs Hinches Instagram...

I totally get this one!

Her obsession with cleaning, her humour, (she is hilarious), whilst at all times looking fabulous, actually makes you want to clean.
If you need to do a bit of cleaning and can't be ar***,
have a look at her Insta stories,
and your off, cleaning is no longer a chore!
I kid you not!

Henry Hinch, despite his total lack of success over the last three years, his hopes of finding an urban fox in his garden haven't diminished!

There are people wearing Hinch army and Zoflora addict t-shirts,
when I first saw those, I thought, but that's the equivalent of a cleaners tabbard?

 I'm now actually inspired to tackle spring cleaning!
I wont be aiming for the perfection of the home she has,
and I wont be stockpiling cleaning products, though I have given making my own a go,
or keeping a vase of flowers on my hob.

But I have started the unenviable job of Hinching... sorry spring cleaning my house, bit by bit,
and Mrs Hinch has taken the mind numbing boredom out of it.
I have a cupboard... Hinched!

A massive yes to Hinching!

Now off to tackle... and relishing it (unbelievably)... the kitchen, under sink cupboard of hell.
It will be a Narnia very soon....

How did this happen??


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