Wednesday 27 February 2019


Revamp Restyle Reveal is back!!!

Kat Williams season 2 kitchen transformation courtesy of

And it's starting on the 1st of March.

If you are new to #RevempRestyleReveal
it's an online interiors thing run twice a year by Lisa Dawson and Bianca Hall
where 10 bloggers
revamp/restyle a room in their homes within one month.

There are weekly video updates,
showing the utter chaos,
absolutely heart warming to see.
And at the end, there is a follow loop where you can see all ten final reveals, one after another.

It's an interiors addicts dream!

Olivia Silk's living room from last seasons #RevampRestyleReveal. Pic by

How it works.
The main website is revamprestylereveal (no longer available)
and I find it easiest to find everything from there.
The latest revamping video updates, links to the bloggers etc.

And anyone can join in, and many do!
During March, revamp or restyle a room or something in your house,
upload it to any social media,
(reveal pic first and before pic second)
with the #revamprestylereveal #hashtag.
There are prizes for the best each week.

Hours can be lost perusing #revemprestylereveal 

The big two I am dying to see this season are,
two people who aren't actually interiors bloggers!


Who is absolutely fabulous and an interiors genius.
She came to fame as the winner of the last BBC Great Interior Design Challenge,
(I predicted she would win after her very first room).

She's recently bought a house and hasn't had time to do anything with it, so you see it warts and all,
the best type,
a nice room just being made a little bit nicer is no where near as gripping.
Most startlingly on her introduction video she casually mentions she has just had her third child
and there she is, just been put down on the bed after feeding, so tiny!
So this is going to be inspiring,
both in how she manages it, and the definitely will be gorgeous, final reveal.



Or to give her, her correct title,
Kat from Rock n Roll Bride.

I loved her last #RevampRestyleReveal makeover.
That's her kitchen at the top of this post.

She doesn't work in interiors so she doesn't have anything hanging on this,
she just does it like most people decorate...
making the place better, to your own opinion.
No over styled fakery here.
And, she doesn't follow any rules,
she styles to her own style,
which is always fabulous and never ever boring.

Thinking what I can do to join in... because I will be absolutely addicted for the next month!

(I blogged about season 1, if you want a look, it wasn't quite as slick then, but just as addictive).



  1. That's brilliant and I had no idea they existed, might be just the type of inspiration I need to get myself going again! Thanks for the tip!

    1. Hellooo! Sure you will love it, I love to see the chaos of cables and power tools etc that go into any makeover which you never usually see. Might have a bit of a binge YouTube watch of the videos tonight.

  2. I love accessories in golden color. Beautiful kitchen!

    1. Oh so do I, I keep eyeing up muted gold kitchen taps but as my sink is currently stainless steel I have to give them a swerve. Love Kat's kitchen.