Friday 15 February 2019

WISH.COM IS IT ANY GOOD? have you heard of it?

The online Chinese company that sells everything, at rock bottom prices and openly tells you, these things are coming from China and will take 2 or 4 weeks to arrive.

I ordered a few things to give it a try,
eschewing the Chinese tut of electricals, never great, and clothing, think a size 16 would fit a six year old child.
I went for some home wares and bits that looked gorgeous on the pictures...
and the results are... in order of arrival...
(prices inclusive of postage)

Black and white map of Copenhagen print  £7

arrived after 9 days.
Absolutely love it,
a complete bargain,
go ahead and order with confidence!

It arrived rolled around a thin plastic tube and surrounded in bubble wrap,
it's printed on a kind of plastic, canvas fabric, not the thickest, but thick enough and well printed.

Apologies, the lighting in my living room is awful so I haven't managed to capture it's true beauty in situ.

Rings £2

 After trying to hunt down a ring like this with no success,
(I even looked at the plumbing section in B and Q)
I ordered this set of four chunky rings just so I could have the big plain gold index ring...

they arrived in 11 days

gorgeous but to give a sense of scale, I have added the star index finger ring.

I have slim fingers but the two smallest wont even fit on my pinky and the two 'big' ones only just fit on my pinky and ring finger.
Why didn't I realise that the jewellery would be as tiny as the clothes,
sometimes my idiocy astounds me.
A no to ordering rings from Wish, they are just too small. 

Black bamboo seeds £2

16 days to arrive.
Yep they are black bamboo seeds.

Currently in the fridge (they like a good bit of cold before blooming in spring).
As black bamboo plants are so gorgeous and so expensive, about £50 each and I want a few,
it's worth a punt.
(They worked, they grow about one foot a year).

The White Company style leather tassel key ring £2

Here's the lovely White Company leather key tassel, was £19, now £9.50 in the sale, lovely no?
Would a Wish £2 one be as lovely?

18 days to arrive.
It's bigger and nicer than I thought it would be, (the picture is not doing it justice).
Seems to be real nubuck leather tassels and a decent clasp.
I love it!
Definitely worth buying.

Andy Warhol print £6

I've coveted these Andy Warhol prints for a while,
and I really coveted the 'I like boring things' one,
because I do!

These usually retail around £40,
so the Wish £6 version...

Arrived after one month and one day.

It's not quite as good as the Copenhagen one,
it arrived wrapped around a foam tube so had got a few dents in it which, did iron out,
but for £6 once it was up, I loved it.

So is pretty good.
And compared to eBay
(which is now basically a portal to Chinese warehouses pretending they are in Manchester)
(driving out all the indie's etc, don't get me started),
it's 100 times more reliable.

So it's a definite yes to Wish.

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