Monday 9 October 2017


I love this new interior 'thing'.

Ten interior bloggers have had four weeks to transform a room in their own homes,
they get to choose a few lovely things from companies like Maisons Du Monde,
and they show the  before, during and afters.
And people are encouraged to show their own, revamp, restyle, reveals.

It's the first one and it's across all social media with the # #revamprestylereveal

It has it's own website.
(No longer available).

There is a link after the reveal on each bloggers website to the next bloggers website and reveal.

And best of all, a YouTube channel showing videos of the before, during and, at the moment, some of the afters.

I love the YouTube videos the best and it's why I love, real, blogs.
Not just photographs of perfectly styled and lit rooms,
but the trailing wires and piles of stuff just in a heap that goes into every room refurb.

I clicked on videos
oldest first
and then worked my way through them.

Some of my favourite bits are
Oliver Thomas of The Great Interior Design Challenge fames, grand upcycles,
he also proves my theory, all Olivers are nice, you will never meet a horrible Oliver.
(I have an Oliver).
Melanie Lissaks Amara 'haul'.
Fiona Cameron cringing when she saw the quality of the other bloggers videos compared to her own.
Finding out there is a paint you can actually paint a  UPVC door with.

Here's a couple of things they were given I really coveted.

This enormous carved wooden Kerala headboard £689 from Maisons Du Monde
They can do no wrong this year.
This Jonathan Adler large scented candle in a ceramic pot £78!!! from Amara.
If anyone ever sees Aldi or better still Poundland do a take on this, will you let me know.

It inspired me to make over my guest bedroom.

Anyway if you haven't seen this,
I have to warn you, it is a bit addictive.
Right I will just watch one more video... one more reveal... one more... 

Also, I hope you like the new look to this blog,
it still needs a couple of tweaks but so far, so much better I think. 


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