Sunday 15 October 2017


I love Poundland
I constantly mutter the above quote as I enter this tempting emporium of thrift.
Here's my restrained... a mere five items, Poundland haul.

Look at these!
Gorgeous Moroccan style coloured glasses, just one pound each!
And they are a nice big tumbler size.

Not just a Buddha head but a cement Buddha head, £50 from Abigail Ahern?
No a whole £1 from Poundland.
Are we supposed to be over Buddha heads yet?
I just love them, the sight of a Buddha or a row of prayer flags is always the
entering a bohemian area claxon for me.
(Gorilla knitting = safe area claxon)
This one is going to nestle amongst the no doubt, lush greenery of my winter window box.
Click here to feast your eyes on my truly gorgeous summer display.

Box picture frame... £1
Stones glued in by Ollie.

Bronze hare... £1
I love this.
I am going to give it a few coats of varnish
(the Tommy Walsh, £1 a tin Poundland yacht varnish & the 3 for £1 brushes, I have 'in stock')
and nestle it, peeping through, the not even bought or planted yet, green ferns of my yard/garden.

I love the base.
I love the bird top madness.
Is it, God forbid... shabby chic?
No, it's fab
They are already re-selling on eBay for £8

A mere £6 for this gorgeous, lovely lot.

 Also any teenage Goths hoping to grim up their bedroom bat cave/crypt
(a friend in her youth had one bedroom wall painted with a fetching graveyard scene)
Poundland has the biggest and best stock of Halloween decorations you could ever wish for.


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