Monday 3 July 2017


The dream!

Don't you love the gorgeous, overflowing window boxes you see balanced on window ledges in  areas such as Chelsea and Knightsbridge?

Not mine.

I know money is no object for them and they are tended by a team of trained gardeners but how hard can it be?  It's only plants and boxes!

Not having the readies of a Chelsea dweller, and God knows, I doubt you'll be able to tell that when you see the result, I set to.

Still not mine.

Two large thin black plastic window boxes - just £2.99 each from B&M Bargains, with the side lips hacked off to fit.

4 dwarf  conifers from the local greengrocers a mere £1.20 each.
A few hand fulls of  'snow in summer' donated by my neighbour with a promise of - grows like wild fire.

And the result is...

The breath taking display from the right!

aaand from the left!

... by anyone's standards, a triumph!

At first it actually looked pretty good.
 I didn't bother photographing as I knew it would no doubt improve once in full bloom.

I didn't allow for being on the main route to a beer, cigs and sweets soaked 24hr garage!!!

Having the planters knocked off the window ledge twice, I narrowed the 'display' by re-planting in a wallpaper trough with a few holes stabbed into the base, £1.99 from B&Q (I doubt the Chelsea residents have used that trick) and added a couple of galvanised tin planters, £1 each from Asda at either side!

Then the two remaining conifers were hoofed out and thrown into the road, one was flattened and the other was sat in the central reservation.
I tried to re-plant it, but just look at the state of it.
And even the indestructible Snow In Summer is half dead!

I mightily lowered my expectations and found a couple of those trays of 8 little plants on sale racks.
One just 50p from a local shop and one for £1 from The Range.
And the final result is!

The most boring, small town display you have ever clapped eyes on.

But on the plus side
+ plants good for the environment.
+ any greenery is better than none.
+ very cheap.
+ might be colourful soon?
+ very unlikely to be stolen!

(If you're looking for more top gardening tips ~ my yard for you to envy).

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