Sunday 29 March 2020


So we are in lockdown,
only allowed out for essentials and exercise and are to keep 2 metres away from everyone.
(Hoping you are all, and stay, well)

I have never been more grateful to have outside space with my biggish yard, yarden?
After the long (approx 9 month) winter,
spring finally started.
So while confined to barracks, any rare bit of British sunshine and I will be heading into the garden,
no big house cleaning, no interiors DIY.

I'll show you the yard as it is, and in a few months, it will no doubt be a lush oasis, like the Matthew Williamson garden of dreams above.
Here to see my level of delusionment.

This is what it looked like when I moved in.

They had definitely borrowed next doors jet wash!

Here it is now, badly photographed in all it's glory, straight out of winter and about four? five? storms.

Just enjoy a yard/garden in a worse state than yours...

From the kitchen door, I managed to capture the recycling boxes and bin a treat.

Lovely bit of photography, everything whited out bar the drain.

It's actually photographing worse than it is.
Note the summer window box coming back into bloom on the left, I now rotate a summer and winter one.

Corner by the door, I got the big tree when it was about 2ft tall, someone saved it out of a garden that was being paved over and it is now 6ft tall, it was knocked over nightly during the storms and it hasn't bothered it one bit.
The piece of old Victorian central heating on the floor on the right, I want to attach to the wall and and add wires? for the Poundland climbing rose to climb up... but a tad scared of attaching it, would the screws let water in? would the render fall off?

The skinny stick to the left is a cyprus tree.
Whenever I book a holiday rental, I am under the illusion, that a few cyprus trees mean, a really nice area, and generally, that is the case.
So that is a skinny young cyprus tree... in a yard... in the north of England... that will eventually bring that air of European luxury, big ask but...

£2 from a car boot sale fig tree,
in a £15 Homesense sale shelf pot,
looks brilliant in summer when it has leaves.

Two of the three terracotta pots I picked up in B and M for the bargain price of £5 for all three, just before the lock down.
Excuse the garden broom handle clearly in shot.

Also just before lock down, I found these in a skip.

Yet again the pics aren't doing them justice,
would they have been toppers for something?
I'm going to turn them upside down and attempt to make hanging planters out of them!

So I am going to do my best, without the former luxury of browsing around the shops.

Currently splitting a fern in half to make two ferns,
(not a stray sound boom, that's my dog).

And I have a bag of compost added to the Aldi essentials shopping list,
which I never thought I would hear me say,
I can't wait to get hold of!


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