Sunday 8 March 2020


Oliver Bonas burner £16, currently out of stock.

Love scented candles,
but nothing creates a bigger aroma than an oil burner,
pardon, oil diffuser.
(I've gone on about this before). 
Those little pots you put a candle inside with a hollow on top for either scented oil and water or a wax melt.

Big in the 90s (and they never went away in the Pound shops),
they seem to be having a bit of a revival.
Mrs Hinch has once again partly led the charge with her wax melt obsession,
and my theory... reed diffusers are too subtle.

They are generally available in cheap shops for £2 or £3.

But here's a few pricier ones, so we can see whats out there...
then as always re-create the look via Flying Tiger etc.

Oil burner design collab between Daniela Rubino and Sarah Akwisombe
(Also admiring, with a view to pinching, their bit of budget photography styling using cardboard and tape).

LOVE this large beauty which weighs over 1kg, £125 from Aesop

I put this out as, not an aspirational item, but as a warning.
Who would buy that bit of tut/plug in air freshner for nearly £80...  standard Urban Outfitters.

White and gold £100 plus burner from Goop
We'll say nothing about the fragrance after the Goop candle!

Folksy oil burner £30

And oil burners are cheap to run.
A 3p tealight and a drop of oil about 1p as prices start at around 50p a bottle,
4 hours of scented candleness for 4p.
You would have burnt £5 in the same time with a Jo Malone,
or heaven forbid, an extra 46p with a Poundland scented candle.

Some affordable burners/diffusers...

Nice classic white ones, £1 from Poundland.

Ochre retro looking one £4 from Dunelm

You could even knock one up from what you have lying around, reduse, reuse, recycle etc.
Here's mine,
not a thing of beauty, but a twenty plus year old stoneware number dragged back from Germany in the days before hand luggage only flights existed. It's done so many years of service, I can't unsurp it.

 Off to hunt down Jo Malone oud and bergamont style oil,
for hopefully under £5,
that would still be 4hrs of scented candleness for under 15p,
And eyes peeled in case the Aesop number ever turns up in a charity shop.

Found this ebay store selling all the good essential oils for just a couple of pounds each,
natural pure essential oils, in glass bottles not tested on animals etc and just around £2 a bottle.
And they have the oud and bergamot! Winging their way to me now.


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  2. reduse, reuse, recycle etc. perfect sharing.