Sunday 15 March 2020


Why didn't I realise these were so easy to make!
I think it was the word... macrame that closed my mind to the possibilities.

But I watched this video

It's possibly not the slickest of how to's,
but it is one of the most entertaining and understandable...
Imagine if your arm was three times as long as it is now, that's how long it should be!

And this is my attempt,
I'd recommend a practice 'go' first, 
it's easy,
but after you have done one,
it becomes clear and ridiculously easy.

You only need around 12 metres of either
string, wool, garden twine...
I used this £1 ball of black wool I picked up in Poundland

Cut four pieces of the string/wool to three arm lengths.
As Luke says, imagine your arm is three times as long as it it now, that's the length you want.

Put them together, fold them all in half and tie a knot a few inches down, this is what hooks onto things.

The next bit I found easier by hooking it over a door handle.
(Stripped bog standard brass handle ageing nicely! Here if you want to see the how to).

But it is easier to show you, flat...
About half way down, knot two strings together.

Again knot two strings together but one from each opposite... argh you can see what I mean in the pic below.
For judging how far to do this second knot from the first, I would recommend the height of the pot you are going to put in it and roughly a few centimetres more.

Fourth knot waiting to be tied for photographic purposes.
Below these knots, at around half the width of the pot you are going to use, and a little bit more.
Tie all the strings together in one big single knot.

And taa daa, one hanging planter.

A beaut hanging planter for pence!

I used an old glass scented candle jar for the plant pot and re propagated a spider plant,
that was a baby from a spider plant a friend brought over from Ireland 20 years ago and so prolific, has now possibly become 'the lungs' of the town!

In situ!

Now I've seen how easy they are to make,
(and I have nearly a full ball of wool left).
I've been on Pinterest and the ideas I now have in my head!
Mixing two colours, plaits, beads, outdoor ones, the just one extra knot ones as in the first pic.
And guess what my Mum is getting for Mothers Day.

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