Monday 4 December 2023


Briiv sustainable air purifier

I called the Briiv the most beautiful and sustainable air purifier last year when I got mine, 
and this is still the case.  It sits in my lounge like a mini terrarium, working away to remove any car fumes coming its way.
I live next to a busy main road, there is constant traffic and if you work outside at the front for even a short time, you fully notice the extent of the car fumes.  You can't smell any fumes inside the house but I'm always aware there is a road outside so could some be leaching in?
I leave the Briiv on low for a few hours a day.  Does it work, who knows?  But I have seen the videos of it clearing smoke in seconds and it doesn't fire any back into the air, so any unseen exhaust fume toxins coming in, I am sure it's filtering out.
(At the back of the house it is gardens and open green spaces in case you are imagining I live inside a spaghetti junction hell).

It's the most sustainable air purifier.  Almost all of it (including the actual unit) is compostable or recyclable, no green washing nonsense going on here.

I think the last three years have woken a lot of people up to how toxic a way we are often living.
That includes me, I thought I was pretty clued up about health and environmental issues, I hadn't a clue!

I was in a large supermarket recently and thought what are we doing?  Trolleys full of absolute rubbish masquerading as food, (I can not believe I ever bought that chemical soup named margarine instead of butter) and all covered in tons of single use plastic.
Shelves rammed with cleaning products that are harmful to marine life when swilled down the drain, and air fresheners containing carcinogenic chemicals to be sprayed into the air. 
People taking massive amounts of medication and barely able to function.
What are we thinking?
(Re medication, not calling all medicines, most are amazing and the discoverers are geniuses).

I think people are starting to want the basics in life to be better, cleaner, healthier, more natural.
Like eating clean but applying that idea to all of life's basics. 
Water without added chemicals, cleaner air, more natural foods (see Dr Chris Van Tulleken's eye opening take on this).

So my Briiv is totally part of this clean living aim, cleaning the air, removing dust and any toxins. I open the windows at the back to let fresh air in but for the rooms at the front, with the road it is impossible.
The little Briiv can clear a 4m x 4m space in 21 minutes which is pretty impressive, and suspect would be very good if you had anyone with allergies calling round.

Clean living

The new Briiv Pro currently looks even more impressive.
Have a look here at what it can do.
It's a more techy version but the thing I like the most is it's canary mode where it detects pollution in the atmosphere and adjusts it's purification level.
It still uses an incredibly small amount of electricity to run it.  If you have it running for 6 hours a day over a year it will only use £3.52 worth of electricity in a year!

So my opinion after a having a Briiv for a year.
It's still not the cheapest to initially buy but
It is still the best home air purifier available by a mile.
It is still the best looking one by a very wide margin.
Beats all the others on sustainability.
It is the cheapest to run.
I love it.

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