Friday 7 February 2020


Mini shopping haul from one of my favourite shops in the world...

Magnificent, even in the dark and rain!

I'd rather go for Ikea veggie balls and a 10 mile trek around it's winding one way system than most nights out.
I love the place!

As always, I want my whole house and yarden (biggish yard)
to be exactly like the little apartment mock ups you can walk around as you come in.
I'm particularly obsessed with the fake roof terraces and tiny yards that have appeared over the last few years.
So tiny, so gorgeous and with the ability to seat at least 4 in a space you couldn't swing a cat.

Just 4sqm? But absolute beaut!
I think you could increase your house price just by furnishing a tiny balcony like this.

But in the real world,
not my Ikea fantasy world...
I just need a few bits,
lovely small things the house is missing that wont tip me into
the money put aside at the moment for a projector TV.
(Just looking for a good one... Amazon reviews, the last word in corruption).  
So this is what I got,

The hero of the haul, a totally beautiful black and neutral belly basket for £10.
No idea where that is going yet,
but there is not a single inch in this house that wouldn't be enhanced by it.

Soup/cereal etc bowls.

Gorgeous, plain and practical, not madly massive or shallow as a lot are,
the perfect size, £1.50 each.
Now I have got them home and seen their perfectness, I wish I had bought more,
next time.

Cotton rugs just £3 each.
I need a biggish cream rug for my bedroom,
after seeing the success people have had putting cheap Ikea rugs together for stair runners,
I bought three to sew together.
large cream cotton Californian boho rug for £9?
I'll let you know how it goes.

Yes I have included the washing up gloves £1, I like the minutae of life.
Three simple birch wood utensils £1.25... unbelievable,
and they last for ever!
Pack of 4 cotton tea towels in the classic white and navy designs £2.50.

Coffee bag scoop and bag closer looking good in gold and just £2.50
£2 green jasmine and sandalwood candle,
smells very fresh and clean,
a tad like Bold washing powder,
which for some reason attracted me to it?
Spring in the air... feeling the need to spring clean imminent?

More slightly wrinkled, no need to iron bedding,
just £19 for the double set,
(earlier Ikea post about it).
£1 large plastic stripe place mat,
to guard any work surface from Oscars bowl while his food is being prepped.

Further along the Ikea, one way race track,
the plant section.

Draceana plant £2.50
This is going to go in a gorgeous gold planter my sister bought me for Christmas,
it's still a tad small for it,
and where it is going to go isn't as bright as I would have liked.
But fingers crossed,
I'm quite good at nurturing plants from tiny to insane.

This dark, muted blue beaut was just £1.75
It is going to re-pot a beeeaauutiful orchid I was given for Christmas.

Had to steal the Ikea pics there for them as this is what it photographed as in my studio.

You wouldn't give them house room would you looking at that.

Before we headed into Ikea,
we stopped at H & M Home

H & M Home is like walking into my head,
everything in there I either have one of already, or want.
I was restrained and just bought a couple of cushion covers.

Have you seen what my shop sells... just cushions!
But these beauties at just £4 and £2!! in the sale,
I could not resist.

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