Monday 31 July 2017


Are you in love with Soho Home?
I have hunted down some Soho Home bargains that I can actually afford and am thinking of buying.

Randolph Double Bath Hook in blackened brass £20

£20 for a hook might seem steep but bare with me.
It's going to live in your house, probably forever
and every time you see it, your spirit will be lifted a little bit because it's not just a hook, it's a totally gorgeous hook and it's from Soho Home.

Randolph towel ring in blackened brass £45
I love blackened brass.
Again, you can get a great one from Home Bargains for £5 or if your lucky a TK Maxx one for £15
but £45 for utter gorgeousness you will use every day...
I've talked myself into it.

House laundry bag £15

The is what you would get from Argos for £11.99.

I'll happily pay the extra £3

Currently out of stock, but as they have them in all of their hotel rooms, I'm sure it will be back in stock soon.
They would be great for small bathrooms as you just hang them from a wall hook
(maybe from one of the gorgeous ones as above).

Houston Flush Ceiling Light £125
Doesn't hang too low so you don't need the excessively high Soho House ceilings.

Cowshed Tooth Brush Holder £15
This isn't on my shopping list as it doesn't match the fantasy of a bathroom that is at this moment, only in my head and scattered about on Pinterest, but I like this a lot and especially the price.
I never thought I would be saying that about Soho Home


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