Monday 17 July 2017


If you were born when Ikea was on these shores,
you will be used to stylish homes as the affordable norm,
and you may not have a clue what this post is about.

But if you're maybe 40 plus...

In the early 80s most people/all apart from the Conrans, lived in staggeringly un-stylish homes.
My best friends parents house was dominated by ornate, gold framed pictures of military aircraft.
Next door had, in the lounge, a large framed picture of a naked person stood in the swoop of a swans wing, purchased from the Freemans catalogue and an absolute treat for the eye.

I can remember every page.
We had the Conran House book/bible but sadly the style hadn't transferred.

Having always been house style obsessed
As a child...
I loved my dolls house
Constantly entered competitions to win a 2 wheeler caravan.
An odd thing for a 10 year old to do, granted, but I was obsessed with having a  gorgeous space.
And my parents had said, should I win one, I could park it on the lawn and live in it!
Actually they pointed out competitions, hmm....

So the moment my rural 12 year old self walked into Habitat in the early 80s
I could not believe what I was seeing.
The most perfect place I had ever seen.
Did people actually live like this?
This is how the world should be!
I had to buy something, anything, just to take a piece of this home with me.
So I left clutching a pen pot, but no ordinary pen pot,
a white cardboard pen pot with a multi coloured, angled, rice print
and a catalogue.

Look at that lucky 12 year old, living my 12 year old dream!

I wasn't alone in my shocked adoration...

Mary Portas in her fab book Shop Girl

'But there was one shop unlike any other, and even though it didn't contain a stitch of clothing, Joe and I had walked open-mouthed through Habitat when it opened in Watford.  Did people really have houses that looked like something from Scandinavia and were filled with pasta jars!  When he bought me a white bedspread, I swore, I'd never actually sleep under it!'

Habitat is still fab
and now thanks to Argos stocking a collection,
you can buy it in every back water, imagine!

These are my three favourite Argos stocked, Habitat gems.

Habitat Joy tumblers 6 for £10
I don't know why but I just love these shaped glasses at the moment.

Habitat Sintra serving bowl £8.75
24cm the perfect size and gorgeous.

Habitat Mini Grande lampshade £25
Copper lining, how nice will the light look bouncing off that.

Not an affiliated post.
I just really like Habitat!


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