Monday 24 July 2017


Are you having pangs of junk shop regret?
All the good stuff you have come across in junk shops and thought, no, I'll be good, I'll not add more clutter to my house.
Is suddenly, bang, in every shop, everywhere!

Two rooms from Maisons Du Monde
(who can do no wrong this year)

They have put all the similar looks together in each room to show it
instead of mixing the styles up.

It's like the best pickings of every decent junk shop!

A couple of months ago I walked away from a peacock chair  which was selling for...
wait for it... £15!!
£15 for cane and rattan peacock chair and I left it in the shop.

And I'm really ashamed of this.
One of those round woven outdoor seats with thin black legs.
But the original 60s plastic version
And I left it in the shop!
Well where was I going to put it?
What the hell was I thinking.

And the old cane coffee tables that to be honest until this year, didn't get a passing glance,
I am now obsessed with finding for a snip
and painting up.

I blame Harlequin for a lot of this cane and rattan adoration.

This picture was in every magazine and everyone thought,
not nice fabric (though it is)
but ooh look at that cane.

I actually found one of these headboards, a single sized, unpainted one in a junk shop for £5
but this time I grabbed it.
Fab and then the light dawned, only having double and cabin beds, I actually, really didn't have room for it.
It's been passed on to a friend, a mother of girls and with vision.

So until I find the previously ignored, ratty old cane table
I am feasting my eyes on these,
just for inspiration obviously.
I can't bring my self to pay a decent price for one after seeing them languishing in the final clearance area of every junk shop.

I spied this in TK Maxx £40
Not sure of the yellow but a definite yes to the shape.

Aloha table from Maisons Du Monde £68.99
Again yes to the shape, not sure about the colour.

And I really like this one.
£300 from Cane-Line a company with the most gorgeous cane,
steeply priced but we're just looking.

In my head this is the luxe look and feel I will be achieving,
in a yard/garden in the north of England.
And with a ratty old table and some left over paint.
The hunt for cane continues.

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