Monday 26 June 2017


Not the £34 makeover, God I wish it was.

 My whole bathroom needs ripping out and replacing,
I want something gorgeous and luxe, like in a spa or a boutique hotel.

I'm eyeing up the block of antique mirror tiles above

and these shower doors with their dark metal trim.

However until I have found the vast amounts of cash needed for this,
I have done a quick bodge,
just to make it more my style...
and I will just turn a blind eye to the leaking pipes, cracks and wobbles for now.

Here's the before

And here's the 2 days and £34 result.

The thrifty bodge low down.

Walls, pine ceiling, door and skirting were painted with left over chalk white masonry paint I picked up from a junk shop ages ago.  My love for masonry paint is great, you can paint anything with it, throw anything at it and it wont mark or shift.

The tiles were painted with Wilko's one coat tile paint £13.95 a tin.  This is the best tile paint I have ever used, really thick and to go from royal blue to white took one coat with a brush along the grouting and edges and then three coats all over with a foam roller.

The charcoal wall was painted with some left over hideous dark mauve paint, just to give it a dark base and then I did a top coat with a tiny left over bit of, again Wilko's paint in Barely Black with a bit of the white masonry paint thrown in to make it go further and to last longer in a bathroom.

The blind was £2.99 from a B&M bargains sale bin.
Apparently you only need scissors to cut it to size.
You don't, you need... a hacksaw, scissors, a sewing machine and matching thread!

The 90s mirror was transformed with a pot of Poundworld metallic gold paint, cost £1, unsurprisingly.

The  house plant was a Wilko £1.99 bargain and I just put it into a white pot I already had.

Total £33.88.

So until the day I can refit the bathroom so golden and luxurious it has to have it's own security guard permanently installed!  I'm pretty happy with my bodge job.


  1. Wow I'm so impressed with your project, such a great result with only a tiny budget! I've always wondered if tile paint really works but this looks fantastic!

    1. Thanks Cassie, Wilko's tile paint worked better than I expected, no chips or bubbles appearing.