Tuesday, 24 October 2017


Courtesy of Pinterest.

My current obsession is with feathers!
Anything with a feather on and I want it immediately.
(Apologies, this is my first, allowed, affiliated links post, it's a tad clunky,)

I love this lampshade above and

I love this Mineheart lampshade, actually I love everything Mineheart does.

Gorgeous, slightly pricey sunburst feather mirror.

My slightly cheaper feather sunburst mirror, currently residing on the wall above my desk.
This is actually a Christmas decoration but I'm going to get one and it's staying up all year.
(Out of stock at the moment, but bound to be back into stock soon, the demand was high).
Another decoration but again too gorgeous to be just for Christmas, it could be hung from a door handle or as a giant key tassel.
Who wouldn't want these mad magnetic feathers as a notice board, you can stick things to the fridge or you can use the stick on metal disks they come with and make a notice board anywhere.
I want these for a kids art wall in the kitchen... and an above my desk notice board... I may be heading for overkill with these.
Love these thin metal framed picture frames, and I love them even more when they are holding feathers.
And not just feathers, full (angel) wings to.

Pinterest is absolutely awash with feather makes.

and I predict glitter dipped feathers are going to crop up everywhere this Christmas, certainly in my house they are.

Here's a couple of more budget, feather treasures.

This is a really quick (and apologies, badly photographed) feather make from Zoe's house.

An old lamp-stand painted white,
double sided carpet tape on to the lampshade,
and a £5 from the market feather boa wound on to it.

And her table lamp version.
They look a lot better in real life and look like they cost a lot more than £5.

And this is my take on the £190 giant angel wing I really wanted...
A huge, silver, £3 after Christmas sale bargain from TK Maxx.
Another Christmas decoration being kept up all year round.

If you like these feathery items, there's more Hut gorgeous homewares if you click on the shop link on the top right of the blog.

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