Sunday 29 October 2017


When I bought my house, it had lights on the first stairs and middle landing, but not a one of them worked!

After surviving happily for a month with fairy lights
an electrician came, drilled lots of big holes in the ceilings and we had lights
and big holes!

This is how I fixed my ceiling holes with no skill and for next to nothing
(if you want to see my first bodge attempt scroll down for the first how to).

Plastering mesh from eBay £1.49 for a piece 25cm x 1m
(If I did this again, I would look for a mesh with slightly smaller holes)
Ready mixed all purpose filler, £1 from any cheap shop.
Sand paper, I had this in already but it's about £1 for 10 sheets from again, any cheap shop.

Cut the mesh a few centimetres bigger than the hole.

Scrape about a 1mm deep layer of filler around the hole with a piece of cardboard.

Press the mesh into place and leave to dry.

Scrape a layer of filler over the mesh and leave to dry.
(There will still be small holes).

Put a really thick layer over this (think cack it on) and leave to dry.

Give it a light sand then paint.
No more holes in the ceiling.

One hole awaiting it's final sand and paint.

Every plasterer will no doubt be pouring scorn on this,
but this cost £2.50!
And I think
the nicer your house feels,
the nicer you feel.
So instead of every time I pass it, subconsciously thinking, that needs fixing,
I no longer see it, I have a lovely normal ceiling and it cost next to nothing.


And here's my first bodge job...

Not having a clue how to go about this and with talk of a professional plaster needed and filling the holes with plaster board cut to size...
totally out of my budget or skill level.
I had a look around the house for how I could fix it myself  and for free.
I found micropore tape (as in the medical paper tape).
Stuck a few strips across and down
the holes.
Then took a left over pot of ready mixed filler
and putting a dollop on a bit of cardboard
plastered over the micropore.
I gave it a couple of thin coats and...

Not perfect by a loooong shot, but it's gone from very noticeable big holes in the ceiling to,
you wont notice the ceiling.

See, not that noticeable when I'm sat at my desk, though a plasterer may not agree. 

 I think that's brilliant, for a no money at all bodge.

But I'd recommend the first plaster mesh, £2.50 version if your going to give it a go.


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