Saturday 9 March 2019


So here are the latest tiny steps taken towards the dream of the Ab Fab house...
but on a Poundland budget!

and if I could actually look like Kate Moss whilst lounging in it, all the better.
Architectural Digest

New workroom chair

My old standard, black wheelie chair has been commandeered by Oliver for his desk, see below,
so now I glide around my workroom astride the John Travolta of wheelie chairs.
£15 from Facebook Market Place.

Made a new desk for Ollie's room

Fitted into the most awkward space possible,
not a single right angle!
I resorted to taping wallpaper to the carpet,
and running a selfie stick with a pen attached
along the wall to get a template!
And it still took four/five attempts to cut it to fit.
(If anyone knows the correct way to do this, I would love to hear.)

The breakdown.
Old bike shop work bench top - free.
4 Ikea table legs - old, already had them.
Bag of screws from The Range £1.49 and a tin of Poundland matt black paint.
Total = £2.49, bargain!

Painted a picture frame.

It's the small things!
This was a frame, of it's time. Large black print of what looked like embossed wallpaper.
Now like nearly everything, painted matt black.
(Postcard of great aunt Emily, darling of the music halls).

New lounge cushion covers and art.

Cost zero for the cushions, as they were made with fabric remnants and an old black top I'd thrown into the charity bag.
The fern prints are three charity shop frames 50p each with palm fronds from a bunch of flowers in them, the colour is fading but to grey/black so, so far so good.
The Copenhagen and Andy Warhol prints were £6 and £7 from

Hid an ugly ceiling light.

Kitchen style light in the living room, now hidden with a £1 charity shop shade.

New mattress

Well new to me £50
Bought from a couple I know (so I knew it wouldn't be skanky) who were just upgrading to try and sort out a banjaxed back.
And oh God the luxury!
After the thin mattress, which had complimented the low look of the 90s platform bed.
(I had already taken the platform edges off and added a padded headboard).
A proper full fat, divan type mattress.
A bed at normal person height.
I was in it by 10 o'clock every night with a cup of tea and a novel, revelling in my perceived luxury.

To all the people I know who had uber fashionable futon beds in the 90s
and acted like they had found the meaning of life when they put them in the spare room and brought a proper bed.
I now hear you.

Dog blanket

There was a nip in the air so a lovely soft dog blanket for Oscar.
£2 from Poundland.

Recovered a folding chair bed.

I was going to tip it, and you can see why,
but... it's very handy for when Josh, Zoe and three year old Teddy come to stay,
I can just unfold it in the spare room so Teddy has his own little bed.

Covered with a remnant of bargain fabric so cost nothing.

Actually looks a lot better in real life
and certainly better than it did before.

Right are you still with me?

New cups.

£1 each from Poundland!
I love the shape of these
and perfect size for a small soup for when you are starving, need something quick and are trying to avoid biscuits.
(I may have over thought this.)
But I do make really good soup.

New stick on towel hook.

Again, it's the small things. £1 from TK Maxx sale shelf (my happy place).
And as you would expect from a TK Maxx/Homesense bargain,
works perfectly.
Fully stuck and going nowhere, and only using the power of suction.
More than can be said for many stick to the tiles hooks and caddys.
A temporary measure until the glorious new bathroom.

Hanging planter

£1 from Poundland
complete with a spider plant baby.
Absolutely love it.
They also have them in yellow which is cropping up everywhere at the moment.

Llama Print

Love him, £1 for the print and £1 for the frame, from, yet again Poundland.
He's now housed above the shelves at the bottom of the stairs,
smiling/staring at you, as you descend.

So small steps
but as the Japanese call it
small steps towards the greater good.

No affiliated links or ads, I just can't resist a Poundland or Homesense bargain.



  1. The wallpaper on the carpet trick is almost right so well done. Boat builders make a cardboard template of about the right size, then attach a pencil to a block of wood, and run the block along the wall (or inside of boat!) so that the pencil draws a line on the cardboard. Take the template away, fix it to what you need to cut and turn the block around. Run the block along the pencil line so that the pencil draws a new line where you need to cut. I've used this technique to fit shelves and it's brilliant.

    1. Thanks for that, cardboard and a block would have been much sturdier than the wallpaper (kept flicking up) and the wobbly selfie stick. Will use this next time on my not a single right angled house : )

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