Friday 11 January 2019


What I hope the finished result will be!

I bought my house two and a half years ago,
I thought I would do a quick bodge decorate, just to make it more my style, which would possibly take around six months and then I would do the proper work, new carpets, electrics etc.

About where it's at now!

Two years it took me to just bodge decorate, two years!!
Granted I had no money left so even a bodge had to be done on the tightest of shoestrings and with the most cunning of tricks, but still two years!

The before bathroom.

And the after a £34 bathroom bodge.

So I am giving myself a year to get it finished,
by the time 2019 crosses into 2020...
as someone who grew up in the 80s, that number is surely from the hoverboarding, teleporting, future!
My house will be finished... as much as houses and especially old houses can ever be finished.

The before I moved in lounge.

And the just do what you can, about £50 budget lounge, bodge after.

I blogged about my last house, where I gave myself a year to do it up with no money,
and it was quite popular (and surprising what you could achieve for next to nothing).
This was about five years ago, before blogging became the brilliant, behemoth it is today.
I put my house on the market so had to delete the blog...
Farrow and Ball railings paint? No the exact same colour mixed by me with a stick!

But it made me do it,
a good deadline and witnesses shamed me into it.

Bedroom before I moved in.

Bedroom after my budget bodge.

So my aim by 2020 is to open the front door, neigh approach the house, and feel enveloped in pampered luxury, style and wealth!!!
Just putting that out there,
universe ordering and such like.

And as at this moment, I still have no money,
this may be a tall order!

But I'll find a way (it's out there now), and I will be happy with... the house just feeling nice,
no orange laminate, no kitchen lights in bedroom ceilings, nice new high skirting boards etc, the
outside painted
and NO leaking cracked bathroom.

I'm giving an amnesty to the kitchen,
the bodge of that is very close to what I want at the moment, so that is the only room of the house (bar a few tweeks) that I am leaving.

So a week into the year I have,
put a pulley maid clothes airer up on the kitchen beams
BY MYSELF and it is still up!

Professional photographers and interior stylists, eat your hearts out. The quality and styling of this pic, esp the drying mop in the radiator!

Ordered some new art for the living room that I had spied for £40 but then found a site selling it for £6, will blog how that turns out when it arrives...

Bought a new bin for the bathroom

£9 from Homesense, bargain!
Can't decide if I love it (as it's not one of the new style rectangular ones that smack at public toilets)
or hate it (a pub toilet trying to be 'rock'?)

So as you can see, forging ahead, barely a week in and already, a clothes maid, pictures on order and a bin!
Only electrics, carpets, bathroom, plastering etc left to go.

Wish me luck!


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