Sunday 25 February 2018


The law of attraction and manifesting.
Everyone seems to be gripped by this at the moment, and I for one am a true believer.
Not to the point of the person in The Secret who accidentally bought a wedding dress and then bumped into her future husband just around the corner!
But more the Sharron Lowe Mind Makeover and Paul McKenna positive thinking version of it.
Your thoughts become your reality, so think positively and think about what you want, not what you don't want etc.

(From half moon yoga art blog)

Also always advocated are inspiration boards,
things to keep you thinking about what you want and feeling good.

So... here are a few things I want for my house... are you listening universe?

Apartment Therapy.

The outside of my house to be painted in dark paint, preferably a Farrow & Ball shade but not sure of exact colour yet but definitely with off white window surrounds.

Home Flooring Pros

A cream wool berber carpet for the stairs, upstairs hall and two bedrooms.  I believe you have to be specific with this manifesting malarky.
And if  at all possible could the stair parts be edged in black?


Art for Oliver's room.  This to replace the 'much coveted but not by him' robot print, and a giant print to go on his eaves cupboard door (the former Narnia through a wardrobe den entrance).

A green and lush back yard/garden, very similar to Abigail Aherns.
Click here for a full look and how she created it.
I will be studying this as I have no idea beyond Christmas tree, ivy, a fern and oh my God I have just realised a couple of the apparently hardy will survive anything, ever green plants, I planted last year with promise they would spread are no longer there, not even a dead stalk!

A new bathroom with power shower.
I am manifesting something like this above and for it to be all dealt with by a designer (the plastering, plumbing, cleaning, the lot) whilst I relax on a far flung beach for a week or two.
The absolute dream!
This is very far removed from the current situation,
with a £34 budget bathroom makeover, which I am very happy with,
but universe please note, maybe a clawfoot or Japanese bath and a power shower.

I should probably add a new fuse box and a couple of electrical jobs to the list.


Some gorgeous vintage, solid wood, reclamation yard job shutters for my bedroom window to block out light and noise.
And to be installed by someone who knows what they are doing, not just me winging it.

So there you are universe, that's the for starters list.
Thank you for everything I already have (there you go, being grateful as recommended),
but would it be possible to have these lovely items to?
Thank you very much in advance.


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