Sunday 28 January 2018


The most perfect kitchen ever!

I nearly stopped breathing when I saw this in Living etc.
It's like someone looked into my head, saw my perfect kitchen and then made it better.

I have the black cupboard doors, a wooden work top, white tiles, a painted wardrobe (hiding the hoover and mop), vintage brass lights... and it looks nothing like this!
This kitchen is by deVOL who have cabinet makers, vintage furniture, commissioned artists, all the good stuff and now a deVOL kitchen is on my really, really want/need/wish list.

When they said they had done this kitchen for Pearl Lowe and the Super Grass drummer Danny Goffey, I had to have a further snoop, as their houses are always fantastic...

Just look at that mirror, you could have the shabbiest of rooms and it would look amazing just by throwing that mirror in to the mix.
Do you see the bead affair at the top of it?  I have that around my walk in wardrobe!
(as always, trying for  boho luxe style via Poundland or similar)
(me, not Pearl Lowe obviously).

Apparently the lamp on the left is Pearl Lowe's favourite light ever, she found it in a French flea market, it weighs a ton, and her husband said 'No don't buy it, how will we ever get it home on the Eurostar?'
God knows how she got it home but she did and apparently Danny was furious all the way home (possibly as he was wedged in/constricted by/taking second fiddle to a gorgeous lamp). 

Piano scarves thrown over a sofa.
I actually didn't know such a thing existed.
I thought they were just... scarves.
But now I know better,
I now really, really want a vintage piano scarf to drape over... a window, sofa, bed, chair, wall... somewhere it will come to me, I just want/need one.

I love this room,
they have left the living room/probably drawing room as it was with it's original red walls etc and then just put their cool stuff in there... and I love how it looks.

One of her beautiful dyed cotton lace curtain panels looking amazing in their bathroom.
She sells these with a starting price of around £150 per panel.
They are absolutely beautiful but...
should you want to create a similar look on a budget,
cotton lace curtain panels start around £30
and a pot of dye about £5.

The outside of the house, so perfect and has lawns reaching down to the river,
just in case you thought it couldn't be more idyllic...

the over spill guest accommodation is... 

A gypsy caravan!

Yet again my interiors envy isn't the rafts of money,
it's the style.
And it's a style that's more about having the eye than cash,
and that's the style I always like.

More interiors envy - Jo Wood


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