Saturday 3 March 2018


I've loved these Nkuku metal edged picture frames for years.  Actually I like anything glass with a thin metal frame, lanterns, glass boxes, terrariums, shower doors, crittall windows, if it has a slim metal frame, I want it.

So when I spied this beauty below in a St Marys second hand furniture warehouse for £1, I pounced on it.

The pub style writing and slogan isn't my style but the clear glass with a thin metal edge totally is!

To Nkuku it up,
I scraped the writing off with a standard wallpaper scraper which took about 10 minutes.
Removed the fuse wire hanger and replaced it with a black ribbon which I cut from a top,
you know the ones that are sewn into clothes just to keep them attached to hangers,
one of them.
Stuck three pheasant feathers I had onto the back with just a blob of glue for each.
The actual Nkuku ones open to put things inside but the glue blobbing worked fine.

The finished 'piece'.
One of these picture frames at this size costs £65.
So for £1...
I love it! And the feathers can easily be replaced by something else when my fancy for them passes.

Apologise for the lack of  styling in the final pic though...
I photographed it on the only wall in the whole house that hasn't been painted yet,
instead of on my dark grey, fake Farrow and Ball painted wall like the Nkuku pic at the top of this post.
 But this is where it's going to live
and I'll claim that as keeping it authentic/real.
(Not too lazy to style).


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