Wednesday, 29 November 2017


An Abigail Ahern style Christmas tree.
I don't think I will manage this but I love how this looks.
Just a few lights and a handful of baubles.
I've actually managed to keep last years pot grown tree alive for a whole year and it looks very much like this one.
There is a trail of dead Christmas trees in my wake as I try and re-plant them every year.
I even saw one of my dead Christmas trees years later, still in someones garden, still planted and still very dead.
But there are so many old baubles that have memories, I don't think I will be restrained enough to leave most of them in the box.
And I also love those giant baubles on the fire place she's teamed with just a few twigs.

One of these natural wreaths with just a bit of greenery at the bottom.
I passed a shop today that had one of these  hung on the door with just eucalyptus on the bottom.
I was consumed with envy.
I'm thinking one of these can't be too difficult to make, just a few twigs wound into a circle with a bit of greenery wired to the bottom?
I'm going to go foraging and give it a go.
(It may be the window box triumph all over again).

A big messy wreath over the mirror.
And on a giant bow if  my room, not quite having the The Dead Dolls House ceiling heights, will allow.
Again I might give it a go myself, these things always look so easy...

And these three wont cost a small fortune, even the Abigail Ahern look could be done for £20
and afterwards, anything that can't be saved can be thrown straight into the green bin.

And here's a Christmas display, that I wont be trying to re-create but a salute to their style

gifts uniquely displayed below a magic tree hung from a back scratcher : )


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