Monday 11 December 2017


The tarting up/bodge decorating of my upper stairs included 'doing something' with this 'piece of art' below as it's size is a perfect.
It's minus it's frame as I forgot to take a photo before setting to.

It came from my old house and is at least 10 years old,
from the brown with a hint of turquoise noughties era.
I kind of liked it but I don't think I was ever in love with it, I can only imagine it was dirt cheap and it's weird size is a handy fit for awkward spaces.

The most off putting thing about it was,
it kept cropping up in soap opera houses and grim documentaries,
seems I had the same taste as a Coronation Street resident and someone who is apparently 100% hotter than her granddaughter!

What to do with a perfectly size pic that doesn't match and with no money nor artistic skill?

First I took it apart...
and broke the glass.
Why do I never learn, glass can't support it's own weight, every time, EVERY TIME!
So the glass was thrown in to the wheelie bin
(not the glass recycling bin, they wont take broken for some reason).

I love all the Batman prints that keep cropping up everywhere, so with that idea and just seeing what I had around the house, I ended up throwing every current interiors trend at it, grey, charcoal, typography and Batman in one picture, caring nothing for it being a cliché.

The finished 'piece' below.

The low down.

Frame painted with left over Aldi charcoal chalk paint.
Backing board painted with left over Aldi dove grey chalk paint.
(All painted with a washing up sponge as I'd run out of paint brushes)
Typography -  printed using a different font for each word but all at the biggest size 72.
Batman head downloaded and printed from the internet.
All cut up then stuck on with a standard Pritstick.

Hopefully, is now unlikely to crop up gracing the walls of Coronation Street or 100% Hotter residents!

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