Monday 17 January 2022


smudge sticks
Photo by Edz Norton on Unsplash
So I'm not exactly sure about the science of these things,
but as they have been used for thousands of years,
I'm going to give it a go!

A smudge stick is a tightly bound bundle of herbs, often sage.
You open your windows, light the smudge stick and let it go out, like a joss stick, and waft the smoke around the rooms of your house, 'smudging'.
Apparently the smoke from the burning herbs,
destroys harmful bacteria in the air but also removes negative energy and many other whoo claims.

I checked with Goop,
the Queens of  this kind of thing and 

cleanse and purify smudging kit
They of course sell them with claims of can stop stuck energy and purifying a space!

They usually cost around £10 a stick but it's a bundle of herbs, how hard can they be to make?

This is what I had to hand to make one and the smudging claims I found on google.

rosemary, lavender and string

Rosemary (from my yard) - gives a healing and cleaning energy.
Lavender (from my yard) - for mental clarity.
Bay leaf (from the kitchen herb and spice basket) - relieves anxiety.
Thyme (reduced to 31p in Booths) - Dispels melancholy, hopelessness and any negative vibrations.
Left over cotton string.

herbs, dried thyme and oregano to make smudge sticks

I left the herbs to dry a bit for a couple of days but next time, I would just tie them up, then leave to dry for ease of handling.

tying up dried herbs to make smudge sticks

Tied them tightly by winding the string all over.

the result home made smudge sticks

Set one alight in the garden first in case it just turned into a flaming torch!
But it caught light and then went out and smoked!
It smokes for around 30 seconds to a minute then goes out so I had to relight but I was delighted it worked.

To put them out, it seems to be recommended you stub them out in a shell
but I am taking no chances.
I dragged a jug full of water around with me.
Slightly paranoid a lit bit of herb would fall off and and start smouldering...

I believe some people smudge their houses muttering intentions and being very mindful.
I smudged my house with the same energy as an on call fire warden.
You have to be practical.

smudging around my house, in the bathroom

The bathroom getting a good air purifying smudge.
If you want to see how that splash back was made from a skipped sample tile, I've a how to guide for that.

smudging the guest bedroom

 90s faux leather mirror upcycled to look like bog oak.

The guest bedroom getting a smudge,
feeling like a wafty, yoga loving, on top of their game person.
But the mirror never lies,
actually in my scruff including Berks and socks from inserting a dog flap in the back door
turned out to be the most complicated DIY job ever, and Oscar is refusing to use it!

So the house has been smudged and I do feel more energized, but that may be from being on full red alert to potential fire hazards.

I'd say less is more also,
smelled lovely until I smudged a bit too much in a room and then it edged into a hint of bonfire.

I'll see if the wonderous claims come true with further smudging,
(after the last couple of years, I'm happy to try anything).
It only used a couple of centimetres to smudge the entire house so one stick should last about a year!

And if you are interested in wellbeing in the home,
Juan Sandiego has a brilliant blog all about this, click this link below for a look.

close up of the home made smudge stick

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  1. How have I never heard of smudging? I love your choice of herbs - I bet they smelled amazing. Plus your house is guaranteed to repel poltergeists now ;)
    Does the lovely smell last for long?