Sunday 4 October 2020


Here's the HOW TO first and a bit of waffle about it after.

 Hack a few holes into the edges of the display board, I did this by sawing at the edges with a bread knife.

Soak the display boards over night in water.

Balance the display board with tile side up on a brick or similar, I used a rounded stone.

Put one foot on one side of the board and your other foot on the other side,

and the board should tear away from the  tile leaving only the paper covering attached to the glue dots.

Here's mine free from the board and ready to be used...

After a disastrous attempt at tiling behind my bathroom sink with vintage American tin tiles,
who would have thought 100+ year old tin tiles ripped from a roof would not give the slickest of splashbacks.
I needed a proper splashback panel or tiles.

Walking past a skip and trying to act like I wasn't eyeballing the contents...
I spied about 10 tile display boards inside.
I dragged out a large 60cm x 34cm tile one, that's about the correct size for a splash back isn't it?
Dragged it off the board as above and
as my walls are old and wonky and it was just one stand alone tile,
I just whacked big blobs of mastic on to the the back of the tile where it actually touched the wall,
and poly fillered in and painted the gaps at the edge,
put a line of Poundland squeezy tube mastic or caulk whatever you call it along the bottom.

So here is the splashback, far slicker (professional tilers avert your gaze) and hygienic looking than the tin tiles,
(I didn't take a pic of them, the shame was too great). 

The sink and tap were another earlier bargain, Facebook market place, £45 new and still boxed from a property developer. 

And with the mirror and everything back in place, here if you want to see how to turn a 90s faux leather mirror into that style for £1.
And I know the mirror is off centre but it hangs on two sturdy hooks that used to hold a wall cabinet in place and I hate putting proper fixings in walls so I'd rather have an off centre mirror than tackle that.
And here if you want to see the easy how to make the macramé plant hanger 
(I am hunting down a good faux hanging plant to go in it, I am aware that pot of faux grass looks ridiculous)

So it looks a LOT better,
the £50 I would have spent can be diverted towards something else
and a tiny bit less has gone into landfill,

(the tin tiles are going to be re-purposed as 'art').

and here's the first pic again! If anyone knows how the hell to remove a pic from the new updated Blogger let me know 😅



  1. Brilliant! Reduce, reuse, recycle. And when it looks this good, why not?
    Got to love a skip find too. Great job.

  2. Thanks, dragged a cream coloured stone one out too, ready for if ever my tastes change. #dumpsterdiving #skipdiving

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