Thursday 15 April 2021


 Picked up few, absolute bargains if you want a look.

Probably, my best buy so far this year.

Beautiful genuine muted brass hanging planter with raw jute string,

No, £1.50 from Poundland!
Poundland always have gems, but occasionally they come up with something, which is so good, the Homesense buyers must be cursing them.
The concrete Buddhas here?

Suspect they will be springing up all over Instagram etc soon, looking more professionally photographed and styled than...  mine, in situ by the workroom/office window.
Containing a rescued, coming back to life M&S plant.
A bit of a damaged beaut with weirdly pink striped leaves.

Since been back and bought another, not sure for where, the bathroom?
Cushions... again!

These cushion covers, in grey and teal are 100% cotton but have that linen look about them.
Where still a bargain at £1.50 per cover,
but now reduced to 25p each!
Put a feather filled inner pad in them and you have that expensive slouchy linen look for 25p!

Found this small, lone random faux plant on the Poundland shelves.
(I think sometimes the stuff looks better, separated from the pack?)

Must have been the last in stock as reduced to 75p.
Here it is, again appallingly photographed in the guest room.

Last week, it was my sisters birthday,
and having a very narrow selection of shops to go at (still lockdown),

I trawled Asda,
and just picked up things which didn't look too sh**e.

I first found a brilliant ceramic planter,
which had a hole in the bottom and a rubber bung, so good for indoors or outdoors,
just £3!
I bought the back, darker blue one (which looks a lot better in real life)

 And a couple of scented finds to make it up into a little gift.

Currently loving anything
housed in a brown bottle with white writing.

This white mint and eucalyptus scented room spray,
smells lovely and,
even though plastic, 
looks stylish enough to leave out on display,
because who wants to leave a massive can of Oust by the toilet!
Just £3 

And in the same collection, but this time the bottle is glass,
reed diffuser £4,
looks and smells gorgeous, not over perfumed as some of the cheaper ones are.

I picked up a room spray bottle for my self as well.

It smells fab and when it runs out, I'll re-fill it with essential oils, oud and bergamot (my favourites) and water. Obviously not extreme thrift! To save the environment : )




  1. Some amazing finds! Love that hanging pot and the room spray especially. I am going to try your refill idea too - why have I never thought of that..?!

  2. Thanks, that hanging planter is such a find.
    I know! And all the good looking reed diffusers we've thrown out too, they can also be refilled. I look at Jo Malone's mixes and buy those essential oils from eBay.
    (Obv not that perfect Jo Malone smell, but pretty good).