Friday 4 September 2020


Not my blogging desk.  Photo by Johnson Wang (quite a name) for Unsplash.

I have been slow to blog about interiors recently as along with interiors items, I've been busy with a side line, making lots of these little theatres that sit in doorways.
(Now all sold). 

But also the current trend for long slick blog posts has me daunted!
My posts are all, look at this Poundland bin, looks exactly like this Versace one!
(Don't look, neither exist, but God I wish they did).

I like all kinds of blogs, but it's the small stuff I really like.
I  love Mr Carringtons vlogs, often it's just some random things he's found, occasionally in the street!

And I always claim this is the perfect interiors blog post
It has stayed in my mind as I really want the chairs and refer back to it when I'm looking for dinning chairs (never found them) nothing has been styled, it's just a have a look at my stylish friends finds.

So my blog posts, despite the trend are still going to be about the small stuff, just chipping away at it, every tiny improvement making your home nicer, but this small (and small budget) carry on can also be given an air of  importance. 
The Japanese business philosophy of small continuous improvements which together make big results.
There you go...
You're not skint and chipping away at it,
sit down cross legged and tell the world you are adopting the Japanese philosophy of kaisen to renovate your house.
Throw in a more organic way and letting the house evolve naturally for good measure.
So here's a few small things, I've 'embraced' into my new philosophy...

Picked up this large wooden mirror from Homesense sale shelf, just £5 as it has a small chip on the edge, I'll fill that in with grey paint but you can't really see it.

I love it.

Looking for trays to tidy every eyelash enhancer invented and all the junk in my dressing table draws.
I found these sets of two metal trays on sale in Matalan, half price at £3.50 so I grabbed two.

These fab summer basket bags woven from recycled fabrics were also reduced to just £2.50 each, perfect for under the dressing table storage to hide the ugly extension lead and hairdryer etc as there are only sockets on one side of the room for some reason.

Needing another incense stick holder,
if need is the actual word? I scoured my house for something to make into one,
truly lockdown has upped all our reduce, re-use, recycle ness.
I found this 1 euro Moroccan tile picked up in Granada last summer.

I put some tape on it, drilled a small hole and by some miracle the tile didn't smash and though it's the most ridiculously simple of makes, I'm delighted with it!

This blog is up for an Amara award!
I am beyond delighted
and if you would like to give me a vote.
I promise you wont get spamy e-mails from it.
Voting has now closed, thank you very, very much if you did,
I didn't win but I was a finalist in the final four.


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