Sunday 19 July 2020


I think half the world wants to be Sophie Ellis-Bextor at the moment.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor's weekly Kitchen Disco sticks two fingers up ...

After she started doing live family kitchen discos during lockdown,
and everything from her kids to her outfits were just gorgeous,
and her home looked amazing, but not in a stiff over styled way.

Inside Sophie Ellis Bextor's stunning West London home with neon ...

This kitchen, complete with giant neon heart,
and at the side the disco area.

Real kids toys around! I like that she hasn't just styled it with aesthetically pleasing toys, there's a Luigi in his big green hat.

The lounge.

She recently had new sofas delivered

Random fairy lights and religious statues. 

A random mix of cushions, I've studied hard and don't think she has one of mine.

Looks like a nice garden too, you can see fairy lights in the trees in the background of the kitchen discos and looks like it's more about kids running about in capes than perfectly manicured lawns.

Inside Sophie Ellis-Bextor's West London home: Complete with a ...

Sophie Ellis-Bextor Is Doing Gigs With Her Kids On IG Live & It's ...

I really like this house, it looks more about having fun than being perfect and serious, and I like this quote from her...
'Like my Mum I sometimes buy things I shouldn't and fill my house with rubbish'.

You can see more of her style in the fab Mad About The House blog.

And now I have a glitter ball in my kitchen!


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