Wednesday 7 July 2021


Scanning Primark Home for some non obvious Primark items,
and there's a few new lifestyley bits,

and as you would expect of Primark,
with rock bottom prices!

Eschewing the Harry Potter/Friends/unicorn stuff,
as not being 14, first this beaut of a cleaning caddy
(never thought those words would leave my mouth).
Blackwood caddy £8
Perfect for storing all the amber bottles filled with homemade, fragrant, eco cleaning products...
I have yet to make.
Only one made so far, glass cleaner..

On that gist.

Wooden dustpan and brush just £3
Again, that's a good looking set.
What have I become? But why shouldn't the most mundane items be beautiful,
in fact they should be the most beautiful as we use them so often.

I'm becoming tedious I know, but that is a wood, bristle and metal scrubbing brush for £1.50
and you can replace the head!
Primark you are practically a hardware store! (love hardware stores).

The scrubber part alone is $15 at BareBones
I love this US store, sadly not over here in the UK.

Incense sticks,
go in and out of fashion and are currently, in!
I like the usual over the top, bright Indian designs muted on to cardboard of most joss sticks,
but I love the simple design and lifestyle look of these.

Just £1 for 20 sticks! These are cedar wood but lots of other fragrances available.

And if you are looking for that rare beast,
a simple incense stick holder...

 Just £2.50 with a few incense sticks included.
Here for a look at my favourite 1 euro make holder.

Bergamot reed diffuser.

I love bergamot,
a kind of orangey spicy fragrance that always smells expensive to me,
now it's in Primark, fill you're boots.
Let your home smell of gentlemen's outfitters, luxe spa's
and (nearly) Jo Malone shops for a couple of £. 

had bought these, and now I have to have some.

How good looking is that for a spatula!
And just £1.50.
Again, shouldn't the things we use every day be the most beautiful?

This last one is a thinking ahead,

Simple faux eucalyptus wreath just £6.
I know people are hanging wreathes all year round now which I love.
But every Christmas,
Pinterest etc are full of this style wreath and there is never one to be bought anywhere!

And non of these items are plastic throw away tat,
or things which rapidly date,
so it all should stay around for years.
Also the reed diffuser can be recycled or refilled with this eco and budget friendly idea.


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