Monday, 4 September 2017


Zsa Zsa Gabor  keeping it restrained.
I don't know if it is the grey, rain soaked summer,
holidaying in a tent,
or the no money bodging of a house that needs £££££s thrown at it...
but I am craving luxury!

Here's five luxury things
that would quell my craving.

Imagine waking up under this gorgeous duvet set from Anthropologie.
Beautiful yes?  It should be it's £195.

A massive 2.4m x 3.5m Greek wool flokati rug £217.
This is luxury but dirt cheap!!!

I really want a flokati rug, the bigger the better,
and as I was sifting through the shiny nylon naff and uber priced ones for this post,
I found this quality gem.

Made from 100% Greek wool, woven by traditional Greek craftsmen in rural Greece.
Right I am. not. going. to. put. anything. else. on. my. credit. card!
But this, ooh imagine, it's a room nearly fully carpeted in curly Mongolian style pure wool.
How can they do it for this price?
It's from Rug House
They have smaller ones of varying sizes for the same quality at the same great price
Such as 80cm x 150cm ~ £55!

A Premier Inn bed!
Yes really.
If you have stayed in a Premier Inn, I am already talking to the converted.
But if you haven't, don't be sceptical, bare with me.
Me and my son love cosiness and every time we saw Lenny Henry luxuriating in a Hypnos bed on the Premier Inn advert,
we were consumed with envy.
Then... last year the BBC paid for us to stay at a Premier Inn.
We were delighted,
we'll judge if the beds are as luxurious as Lenny Henry makes them look.
So ridiculously comfortable and luxurious, there is practically, a do you want to buy one of these beds, order form, tick box as you check out.
£900 for a king size with divan base (minus the drawers).

This hand carved wooden cabinet.
£1,250 from Abigail Ahern's online store.
I don't know where I would put it, but I'd find somewhere and I would love it forever.
With interior shops, I trawl through with a constant yes, yes, no, not that running through my head.
But not so with Abigail Ahern's store
I practically stop breathing!
I want every single stick of furniture she stocks.

And finally I could happily suffer a week or two here.

Linda Barkers St Tropez holiday villa.

You know if you rent  a gorgeous and pricey villa, parts of it will be gorgeous but there is always some parts that just wont be, but just look at this, every inch is gorgeous.

Villa De La Verne
can be rented for, I think about £12,000 a week
but that's for 6 bedrooms so if there was 12 of you...
no actually it's still too expensive
but it's nice to dream.


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