Monday 25 September 2017


I LOVE Ikea.
Here's the latest blue bag filling haul,

New dog, new lead hook ~ £1

Faux grass £3
No plant can survive on the ground floor of my house, there's either not enough light or for some inexplicable reason Oscar (that's the dog), while constantly monitoring passing dogs from the front window, pulls the leaves off any plants placed there and all but kills them.
So fake it is.

Huge 83cm paper lampshade £9 for my bedroom.

But this is what's there at the moment

Bizarrely a kitchen light, and the ceiling needs the wall paper stripping off, skimmed and a new light fitting installed before this happens.
But I think this is the fabbest, biggest, light fitting/lampshade for the price.
Granted, fashions and taste may change by the time I am ready to install it but I was in the grip of shopping madness.

I am very envious of this bedroom light find by Lisa Dawson
£9 gorgeous beaded chandelier.

Wall light £7
This is a present for my two year old niece who has just moved into a new bedroom and it hasn't been kiddified yet.
I really liked this mad owl light, but would that terrify a small child?

Glass jars a mere 95p each.
Charity shops take note, that's 95p new.

Clothes dryer thing £3
They are supposed to look like octopuses but I think they look like chandeliers,
an elegant way to dry your pants! 

A pair of dinner plates just £1 each from the end discount bit at the end.
I love that section.

I have a small walk in wardrobe and it desperately needs sorting out as I can't find a thing.
I bought these in anticipation of when I get around to it
(having to drill into solid walls is making me procrastinate).
 Pole, actually a shower curtain pole £4, hope it's strong enough.
Stick on hooks (no drilling needed) 90p for a pack of 3!
Hangers £3 a pack,
the rest of the house may be going to hell, but my hangers always match.

Thing to prop up your phone or tablet on £1.95.  That's for my son.

Stick on toilet roll holder (no drilling yay) £3
A temporary measure until the I can rip out and re-fit the whole bathroom.
Didn't realise this wouldn't stick to a wall, only tiles, it's been Gorilla Glued into place.

A couple of big grey collapsible boxes £2.75 each.
So handy, so practical... are you still with me?

Vanilla scented candle £1.75.
It's the law, if you go to Ikea, you have to buy at least one candle, and if your cupboards aren't already overflowing with them, the compulsory bag of tea lights.

Look at that, rye cracker breads bigger than your head, £1.75
and in a pack too nice to shut away in a cupboard, this is currently hanging around the kitchen like an ornament.
Discounted lingon berry juices 50p.

We stopped at Primark first... what a day.
And I hit the classic mid-life crisis territory and bought a black (fake) leather pencil skirt and not leather, but coated black trousers.
They are the skinny variety, not the Teresa May flared monstrosities that the camera angle is making them look.
People looked dubious/appalled until I pointed them out styled with big jumpers etc...
What on earth were they imagining I was going to wear them with, a low cut ruffled blouse?

So that's my haul, quite restrained for an Ikea shop,
I can always pop back.
(4hr round trip)


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