Monday, 21 August 2017


I've had a hunt through Matalan's new home ware...
and there's quite a lot of nice stuff... and it's dirt cheap.

Look at this!

Fringed cushion, 19", and a mere £12.

Velvet linen cushion, in a generous 20" size - £8!!!

Fake plants.
Matalan's faux plant's and grasses are the best quality, with the best prices, I have come across.
There are dark corners in the my house where no living plant can exist.
I'm going to buy at least these two.

30cm tall grasses and only £10.

I can never find real Eucalyptus but this faux version is only £12.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I always find you have to plough through some, em, utter sh**e to find the gems,
these and their ilk are there to greets your eyes...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Back to the good stuff.

Embracing the monochrome kids bedroom trend.
These hanging black letters are just £3 each.

And while we are looking at kids bedrooms,

This cat cushion is only £8.

Hanging glass photo frame, £5.

Mongolian cushion... £15
Matalan has the best and cheapest faux Mongolian wool cushions.

This mirror, £6.

I actually bought the exact same mirror from B&M Bargains for an unbelievable £2.99.
They were a 'special purchase' so may or may not, still be available in all stores.

Here's mine reclining on my Mongolian Matalan cushion for the photo.

Rope wall hanging £10
I am going to buy this for my half finished guest room to go over the bed.

Not an affiliated link, I just think Matalan always has the odd bit of gorgeousness hidden away.


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