Monday, 14 August 2017


Do you love a trawl through junk and charity shops?
It's the mad randomness of it I love ... and a bargain.

Here's July's charity shop haul.

Tam ware 1970's soup bowl £1

Look at the difference in size to soup bowls now!
The modern white bowl was a 40p junk shop find a while ago
(how do I remember this rubbish).

Until I can refit the bathroom and install a ladder radiator
This £1 over the radiator towel holder will do.
These sell for £24.99 in Argos... who in their right mind... it's not hand forged?

Two 1970's J&G Meakin Driftwood stoneware plates 50p each.
These are the size of modern dinner plates, maybe it was just the soup bowls which were small.

Grey wool blanket 50p
This was in the pile they consider not good enough and class as dog blankets.
Have I got really low standards?
I have given it a thorough washing.

Hand painted bowl 80p.
I am trying to buy a new serving bowl each week as for some reason I seem to have none, how!

~ Apologies for the poorly lit, mad old auction house look of the pictures ~
~ my son keeps borrowing my lighting for his YouTube channel ~
~ and I was too lazy to set it back up ~


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