Wednesday, 29 April 2020


I've wanted one of these for ages, a flokati rug, also sometimes called,shaggy, Afghan or Mongolian.

And after years (why?) of procrastinating,
I have bought one and it's winging it's way to me this week.
(It's arrived, scroll down for a review).

Pure 100% Greek sheeps wool made by Greek artisans and just £45!
(I'll put links at the end where to pick them up, if you are in the market for one).

I needed a rug for beside my bed,
where formally a Primark shaggy throw was taped down,

there it is on the orange laminate floor before I stained it,
here for that how to.
(And here for the headboard how to).
Currently there are three, £3 Ikea rugs sewn together to make one rug...
don't bother.
It would look OK in a boho beach shack but on a regular bedroom floor,
just a bit rubbish, I'm not even photographing it.

Dark or heavily patterned rugs don't look right there and I didn't want anything too current as I didn't want anything that would become the equivalent of a stags head cushion in a couple of years.

Image Real Homes
So beautiful flokati it is,
I think I was procrastinating because before I found a way to stain the floor,
I kept thinking on a loop,
a really huge nearly room sized one would be fantastic,
but impossible to keep clean?
but would look really beautiful,
but a fitted carpet would cost the same and look good?
but flokati rugs are so cool,
on a constant ridiculous loop.
But now I have stained the floor, I realised I can have a smaller one!
If it gets really hanging I can just bung it in the washing machine.
(Though I have always found wool carpets are quite good at repelling dirt).

Here's a flokati in the 1976 Terence Conran House book,
a book I lay partly to blame for my interiors obsession.

Pearl and Daisy Lowe with a flokati in a bedroom.
Also eyeballing that pale grey washed peacock chair, nice.

An enormous one in a 1979 Jay Steffy photograph,
How beautiful is that room!

 This is the one I am getting,
no fancy marketing photo's here,
but good! This is why they are costing less than an acrylic Argos faux number.

I've gone for the medium grade,
1400grms per square metre if that means anything to you,
there are 2000 grade ones but I thought I'd go for the lower one,
thinking it might be easier to care for.

Here's the shop links to buy these bargain rugs, they are the cheapest by far I have found and they have great reviews.
The sizes are in centimetres.
The lower, and cheaper 1400 grades first.

60 x 120 £28

80 x 150 £45

110 x 170 £65

140 x 200 £90

170 x 240 £130

200 x 300 £190

And here are the links to the 2000 grades

60 x 120 £37

80 x 150 £60

110 x 170 £90

140 x 200 £130

170 x 240 £190

200 x 300 £270 

Not affiliate links, just the cheapest Flokati's around.

It's arrived!

Absolutely love it!
I chose the free postage and it still arrived within two days,
so don't bother paying the extra postage for a faster delivery.
It is much thicker and better quality than I thought it would be.
If I saw this in a shop, I would expect to pay at least three times the price
and this is the lower density one 1400 and it is really bouffy.
Pure wool, wool backed,
just gorgeous.

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