Sunday 13 June 2021


The furniture and homeware search engine.
Fantastic online, and bricks-and-mortar stores, all in one place.
Looking for a jute rug?
Easy, put jute rug into the search box and several different style jute rugs from different stores show up.
Black and natural jute rug £36.99

All great
there is one thing this site excels at...
it has LOADS of the things that are a struggle to find.

Such as wheelie bin storage!
Black rattan effect wheelie bin store £163.99

Wheelie bin storage is never cheap but at least here you get a style choice, and that's a pretty good looking bin store.

Cow hide rugs
Usually a tricky search as they are either hundreds of pounds or what turns out to be a cunningly photographed faux fur bath mat.
Large 150cm x 170cm cow hide rug £132.99

Favi has 4 shops selling the sort after genuine large ones for around £130

Room dividers
Not an every day want, but I was looking for one for someone last month and the choice was frankly sh**.
But here Favi have 100s of them,
all different.
Unlike Amazon and eBay where you have 100s of the exact same thing to narkily scroll through.
Hand carved mango wood screen £135.99, that is a lot of carved mango wood for the price!

Need a letter drop box?
47 of them.

Ibiza black mailbox £36.32

Or if your really grand and need one for the end of your drive...

Stately home style letter box £206.99

Garden storage boxes
69 of them all different
(B&Q has 12)

This handsome number is 1p short of £100.

And struggling to find outdoor cushions for your lounger or bench?
Sun lounger cushion £12

Pages of them for every conceivable seat,
even a broad section of cushions for upcycled pallet seating!

Loving the rattan trend, put rattan in the search box and every conceivable type of rattan item appears. Mango wood? Leather? It brings them all up.
(an absolute boon for interior bloggers).

Goat skin chairs?
Fill your boots

£368.99 for the set of 4 genuine goat skin dinning chairs.

So if you are looking for something and struggling to find it,
FAVI is worth a look.
Making things easy for small businesses, Airbnb owners, interior designers, boutique hotels & bloggers.
Also the website is really well designed and easy to used, always a bonus.

And yes I got paid for this post!
Can you believe it!
When I was asked to do a post,
I thought I'll just find the best bargains,
and it does actually filter items really well by low to high.
 But it was the locating of the normally pain in the ar** things to find,
that impressed me the most.
And I really loved it just shows one of each design,
not page after tedious pages of the same design.

And after all the browsing, I now want a mango wood screen without a notion of where to put it : /
Latest hunt, a giant jute rug for my kitchen

Please share this post far and wide,
it would be very much appreciated if you could.


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