Saturday 25 August 2018


Back from another whistle stop shop at Ikea,
me, my sister and niece arrive about 7pm,
throw some meatballs and free Ikea family card coffee down our necks and set off at a pace.

Every time I see these perfect little Ikea room set ups,
I drop my usual mix it up taste and want to inhabit a perfect little Ikea world.
Ikea designers are small space design geniuses...

Want this perfect room?  It's all yours for just £500.
35sqm flat and you are a family of four?
Here's how to do it with style.

They make each one looks as if you have just got home,
(should you be lucky enough to inhabit a world so perfect).
All lights are dimmed and lamps are lit,
no chores to do, it's absolutely immaculate,
bottle of wine or carafe of coffee poised for pouring...

So in my quest for the Ikea idyll, this is what I bought...
I shouldn't be buying anything other than builders time and materials!

Grey duvet covers

£15 for a single set, £25 for a king size set!
Kind of slightly washed out cotton linen that looks a lot like...

The White Company grey slightly wrinkled bedding
which costs a whopping £180 for a duvet cover and £40 per pillowcase.
Lovely but I think Ikea's is actually a little bit nicer and a mere £235 cheaper!

And Ikea bedding is really good quality,
you will be sick of the sight of it before it wears out,
I have a duvet set,
20 years old and still going strong.

Also note the headboard, I found a really easy way to re-cover it.

£3 fold flat planter bag things.

and that's £3 for 2!!  A big and a smaller one.
I love these, the big one is to re-pot my giant money plant which is going to sit on a stunning three legged concrete planter which I am going to make,
click here for the first Pinterest fail.

An aloe vera plant just £3.

and all Ikea's plants are healthy looking,
more than you can say for most non-garden centre shops who often have tragically comic displays of  half dead plants, not reduced and still with the promotional posters 'fabulous blooms' in place.
I got this gold plant pot too for just a couple of  pounds to house it in.

More of the practical fold flat boxes.

Just £2.75 each and this time in a jade, teal green (def teal, cameras struggle to see flat muted greens), which should look nice with my other grey work room boxes.

A cushion cover for Ollie's room.

Just £4 but seriously, haven't I enough cushions in this house.

Glass bottles.

£4 and £2 each,
ready for apple juice.  I have some apple trees which make the best apple juice you have ever tasted.

Another little glass jar.

and I've said it before, charity shops, that's £1.25 new!
Ready for the blackberry jam I'm planning on making.
I'm sounding very homespun but the only things I've managed to grow on my shared allotment is apples and blackberries (which are weeds with fruit).

The obligatory candle.

With the best cinnamon scent, it smells like autumn.
A thank you for my neighbour for letting Oscar the dog out whilst he was abandoned (his opinion) to shopping.

Right... I can't actually believe this has happened... I swore this would never be me... I blame my niece who said all the uni students did this... so that's ok then...

I bought a shopping trolley!


You can't park right outside the houses on my street,
so after actually dislocating my shoulder!! carrying so many shopping bags,
like a one woman, world strongest man, waggling along competitor.
I gave in and bought, the beloved of auld wans... a shopper.
I've yet to use it,
but I will report back as to how it goes...

Not an affiliated post, I just love Ikea


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