Saturday 10 November 2018


My favourite waste of time, under the guise of work,
is looking at interiors for inspiration.

And while a keen worrier of the highest end of London designers show homes,
check out my Schumacher and Zoffany cushions if your going down that route (now all sold).

One of my latest go to places for inspiration is... MARGATE!

Every time I see anything relating to Margate,
there's something kind of different to look at.
It's never just the same on repeat.
More style than cash?
Did Tracey Emmen lead the charge?
Whatever is going on, I love it.

How gorgeous is this Margate cafe! Spirits would be lifted just stepping in here.
It's Cliffs
A cafe, record shop, yoga studio, hair salon and coffee roastery.
It goes without saying sour dough features heavily here.

A quick Google for the interiors shops throws up the quirkiest of vintage shops like
Shed Boutique.

Selling things like these vintage theatre lights,

and vintage stage footlights,  I don't know where I would use them, but I want them.
They even have a category in the menu - Fairground, just parts of old fairgrounds.

Hours as always, can be wasted on Rightmove and here's a Margate nice, a bit, slightly different one.

Exposed pipework under the sink... paint it a muted gold, it will look fantastic.
Who would have thought!

Very nearly the most on trend of bent wood chairs but not quite, probably cost a fraction of their wishbone brethren, and now I kind of like these chairs more.

House missing it's Georgian/Victorian/Edwardian features?
Just paint up to where the chair rail would have been.
I bet the bevelled, frame less mirror, was picked up for peanuts as it's egg shaped rather than the current mirror law of, round.

Lovely shelf.
Now I understand according to Instagram etc, a shelf is no longer a storage solution, a place to sit your books on etc
It is now a... how to style a shelf thing!
So I like this 'how to style a shelf' shelf with it's extra air of just bunged on-ness .

And I'm dying to see how this turns out.
The Libertines have bought and are currently renovating a hotel on the sea front.
They are taking it from this...

so outrageous you would be tempted... but not above £30 all in.

Complete with a... dear God, for the want of a better word, spa!

Transformed so far into this.

How absolutely beautiful!!!
What will it be like inside, will they wipe out the hint of ... brothel or embrace it's history?
I can't wait to see the finished result.
And very black and gold reminds me of something?

Last weeks Grazia...

There featured house, in Margate!  Margatians? getting everywhere.

I have no plans as it's miiiilles away from me, but if I was going to stay I'd be booking here
The Sands Hotel on the seafront as seen on Homes Under The Hammer.  What would be nicer, luxury in a rocketing area and a good look at a genuine Homes Under The Hammer renovation!


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