Tuesday 23 July 2019


Update at the end.
 A ridiculous looking pic (like I should have scattered rose petals around it) but it's tricky to photograph anything in a laminated 'throughout' house.

I am not a great gadget lover,but the moment I tried a cordless vacuum I really wanted one,
it was like waving a stick at dirt and it vanished,
a wand almost or so it seemed to someone who was used to lugging a bulky 30 stone Henry hoover (yes that's it's official weight) up and down a tall narrow Victorian house designed for tweenies with hand brushes.
So easy, it was the future...
£300, £200 if you are lucky  : /

When I spied this Goblin in Asda for £40,
I think I did a comedy double take.

Obviously I suspected it could be rubbish at that price,
but I googled the reviews
(the good ones, not the fake paid fors... Amazon?)
Apparently it's brilliant!

My review...


I love this vacuum!

It has a 30 minute run time.
Because you are not stopping to unplug etc,
this is enough time to vac a three story, four bed house,
without the power dropping, inc stopping to do the attachments for awkward spaces.

The front part can unclip to become a hand held.

It's got headlights!

It is so easy to empty,
compact little compartment, no dust clouds.

I really had developed a bit of a hatred of cleaning this house, almost dreading it, purely because vacuuming it was such a pig of a job.

But no more!

I unpacked it with my son for a good look at it,
and we removed the floor cushions from under the coffee table for a full shopping channel style demonstration...
easily glides from hard floor to carpet,
look at that, straight under the the coffee table without bending,
look how much it has picked up in that short time!
(shopping channels, the best stress relievers)
(but be warned even the most hardened can be swayed by their wily ways).

It folds in half for easy storage.

Apologies, even worse photo... and that rug is not filthy, just my photography skills.

You can pick it up with one finger!
Try doing that with a Henry.
It's a weirdly good design for the price,
it looks retro and futuristic,
smooth solid mould, no rough edges or cheap flimsy plastic,
everything is just simple, good design and works,
like if Ikea designed a vacuum.

Yet again, not a manky rug, just my appalling photographic skills.

I never thought I would ever become someone who raved on about a vacuum
but these cordless-es are sooo much easier,
and this is just £40.
Not an affiliated link, it's just brilliant and a complete bargain.

If any one wants a cheap Henry hoover...
coming to eBay soon.

Update to the review.

This is a great little vac for the price but it's not really powerful enough.
Great for light jobs, say a bit of flour spilled on a rug but anything more and you need a vac with more power.


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